Tuesday, September 12, 2006

MDP's Academic Holocaust by Akindele Akinyemi

It never cease to amaze me how the Michigan Democrats and the Granholm camp continue to lie about Dick DeVos and Alticor while 129,000 children in Detroit cannot go to school because the same union that endorsed Granholm is practicing academic genocide with our schools.

This is why Black people should not vote for Jennifer Granholm for Governor because of her hypocrisy.

She does not care about those in Detroit Public Schools. She only cares about the special interest from the Detroit Federation of Teachers who is putting money in her coffers to continue the practice of an academic holocaust that has bestowed here in Detroit.

Once again, I would like for ANYONE in the Granholm camp and Michigan Democrats to ask this question. Why are you lying on television about DeVos and his so-called laying off 1,400 workers from Alticor when YOU know that is a lie to begin with? My phone has been on blast for the past week from Grand Rapids about how people are very upset at Alticor that Granholm would lie outright like that to gain a few votes. I know people that has worked or is working for Alticor and they vowed revenge at the ballot box in November by voting for DeVos for lying about them on TV.

While she is lying about DeVos and Alticor DFT is still on strike. I have been saying all along that now is the time to raise the cap on charter schools right away and any veto of this bill would cause more educational genocide right here in Detroit. I am also asking our legislators to look into designing educational empowerment zones to give parents more choices to send their children to school instead of getting caught up in piss-poor politics that will send our children into a mental graveyard.

By Chinese Law, Alticor had to invest in China as well as build a plant there for Chinese workers by LAW. BOTH Granholm and MDP Chairman "Klansman" Brewer know this because BOTH of them are lawyers.

How come the MDP or the Granholm camp is not attacking the following companies that have downsized and invested in China:

  1. American Axel
  2. General Motors Corporation
  3. Ford Motor Company
  4. Compuware
  5. Federal Mogul
  6. Lear
  7. Metaldyne
  8. Delphi Corporation
  9. Visteon Corporation
  10. Daimler-Chrysler Corporation
  11. First Auto Works

These are Michigan companies/corporations. I don't see Granholm raising hell about this.

To demonstrate that Black people over at her camp do not know their facts and following this liberal witch blindly did anyone at the State Central Committee in Detroit explain to the workers how Granholm'’s own Michigan Economic Development Corporation hailed Alticor in an advertisement as part of its Upper Hand” campaign using the company as one example of a Michigan “start-up company?

Now, did anyone at the State Central Committee explain why our Black young adults cannot find a job and must pick up and move their families out-state? Perhaps it's because since their boss has been in office 103,000 jobs have been lost. There are 47,000 for sale signs in Southeastern Michigan alone. The War here in Detroit is getting worse and now citizens are shooting cops. People are fleeing to save themselves and their families. We are getting reports of gunfire every night near one of the war's hotbeds (Schoolcraft and Evergreen). There are also reports of families sleeping in their basements to stay safe from the fighting.

The academic crisis in Detroit has taken a turn for the worst and the best that Granholm can do is send in a mediator to save DPS. Once again, Granholm is staying away on the most important civil rights issue to date: education. She is doing a wonderful job in hoodwinking Black people here in Detroit on her record of "successes."

While Granholm is paying for lying ads to make Black people turn against DeVos let's look at her cozy relationship with the Detroit Federation of Teachers and how the Granholm camp, MDP and DFT have made a pact to commit an academic holocaust against Black children here in the City of Detroit by supporting a strike that should have never taken place. Shame on those who are working on the Granholm and MDP camps while your own children cannot even go to school because your Democratic leadership support failing public schools and DFT. Once again, the Democratic Party has used you in their camps for their own purposes and not give a hoot about you. You are helping Granholm and the MDP and your child could be a grade behind by the end of the year. Do you think Granholm would allow her own children NOT to go to school on time? She would have TOLD those in her children's school district to take their behinds back to work, hands down. But since she knows that Black people cannot run DPS effectively she sends in a "mediator." This governor only needs you for one thing: your vote. Have you forgotten about count day? Even if the schools were to start by the end of the week it's too late for Detroit Public Schools. Anyone working on the Granholm camp or for MDP is supporting an academic holocaust, educational geocide and mental murder of 129,000 Black children in DPS.

Black people should vote for DeVos, who is a candidate that will givopportunitiesnites to build businesses in our community and create our own Africa Town without redtape. DeVos supports educational choices for parents and children and now is the time to set aside our differences and do what's right for our children.

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