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Michigan Democrats: Lying To Get Black Folks Vote

The Michigan Democratic Party issued a new television advertisement on Wednesday. The latest ad unleashed an unprecedented attack on Michigan companies that do business in the high-tech global economy. The ad also continues to sling mud at both Dick DeVos and Alticor.


The Truth

MDP: After Dick DeVos laid off 1,400 workers at Amway, his company in Michigan, he went to Asia. He invested over $200 million, and even opened up a factory creating thousands of jobs there."

Governor Granholm and the Michigan Democratic Party have proven again that even the truth cannot stop their barrage of senseless attacks against Dick DeVos. Dick’s record as a job maker while CEO of Alticor/Amway is not something that anyone should be discouraged about. In fact, Dick’s leadership as Alticor/Amway’s CEO is something that has helped create Michigan jobs and is even something that Michigan companies can learn from as they continue to compete in the global market place.

· Despite what the Michigan Democrats and Governor Granholm have claimed about Dick, NOT ONE MICHIGAN JOB HAS BEEN OUTSOURCED TO CHINA, and they know it! (Detroit News Columnist Nolan Finley, 4/2/06).

· NOT ONE single product that is produced in China is sold in the United States. Alticor’s China operations produce goods in China for consumers in other Asian countries (Detroit News Columnist Daniel Howes, 8/21/05).

· Dick invested to build a plant in China only because Chinese law requires that any business that wishes to take advantage of the world’s largest consumer market have an operation in China (Detroit News Editorial, 5/17/06).

· The job cuts at Alticor and the move to China were completely unrelated (Detroit News Columnist Nolan Finley, 4/2/06).

· The workers that left Alticor were not put on the streets as Granholm and the MDP may have you think. Early retirements, buyouts and worker placements were all part of Alticor’s restructuring.

· Throughout Alticor’s restructuring, NOT ONE manufacturing job was lost.

· Alticor’s investment in China resulted in the creation of 400 Michigan jobs supporting operations in the world’s largest consumer market (Detroit News Columnist Nolan Finley, 4/2/06).

· At the same time Alticor invested in China, they invested three times the amount right here in Michigan, over $700 million (Detroit News, Editorial, 5/17/06).

· Recently, Granholm’s own Michigan Economic Development Corporation hailed Alticor in an advertisement as part of its “Upper Hand” campaign using the company as one example of a Michigan “start-up” company (

· Granholm’s Michigan Economic Development Corporation identified Alticor as the second-largest employer in Kent County (Kent County Economic Profiler).

· Other companies that have locations both here in Michigan and in China include successful companies such as:

  1. American Axel
  2. General Motors Corporation
  3. Ford Motor Company
  4. Compuware
  5. Federal Mogul
  6. Lear
  7. Metaldyne
  8. Delphi Corporation
  9. Visteon Corporation
  10. Daimler-Chrysler Corporation
  11. First Auto Works

(Source: Detroit Free Press, 3/26/06)

MDP: Governor Jennifer Granholm traveled to Asia and brought home over $200 million in investments for Michigan and over 1,000 new Michigan jobs.

We’ve been through this before in the Michigan Democratic Party’s 3rd political ad. The governor’s trip to Japan made NO difference in Michigan’s current economic state. In fact, during the governor’s most recent trip, Michigan lost 700 jobs while the governor was in Japan, that is 250 more than Granholm “brought back”. This is not including the 1,500 jobs that Michigan lost to Indiana when Honda Motor Company decided to locate their $500 million plant in Indiana. Honda announced they were going to build the plant while the governor was in Japan, but unfortunately Granholm was “totally booked” and could not find the time to meet with the company’s executives.

· On May 16, 2006, while Governor Granholm was in Japan, ThyssenKrupp AG in Detroit, announced that it would be closing its 82 year-old plant and outsourcing 350 Michigan jobs to Shelbyville, Kentucky (Detroit Free Press).

· On May 19, 2006, while Governor Granholm was in Japan, Hart and Cooley Inc. in Holland, announced that they would be slashing 350 Michigan manufacturing jobs from their payroll (WZZM 13- Grand Rapids).

· This past May, when Governor Granholm went to Japan, Michigan lost a total of 17,100 jobs (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

· Honda Motor Company announced the future construction of a new plant in the Midwest, creating 1,500 jobs. Though the governor was in Japan, Granholm did not meet with the Japanese based company’s executives, because, as she said on the Paul W. Smith Show on May 17, 2006, she was “totally booked.”

· However, Governor Daniels of Indiana was ready to fight for Indiana’s manufacturers. Daniels discussed how his administration had been in talks with Honda for “several months” prior to the announcement (Washington Post, 5/17/06).

· The governor claimed that neighboring Indiana and Ohio would have to “go through Michigan” to score the plant. Granholm sent representatives to meet with Honda, but an automotive expert would go on to call Granholm’s efforts “AN 11th HOUR PITCH” and another expert to claim Michigan was a “VERY, VERY DISTANT THIRD” for attracting the plant. (WJR Radio, 5/19/06; Columbus Dispatch, 5/23/06).

· Consequently, Honda Motor Company announced that they would be building the plant in Greensburg, Indiana (Washington Post, 6/28/06).

· Detroit News Columnist Nolan Finley’s recent quote about Granholm bears repeating: “Granholm's weak political instincts may explain why so few deals are getting done in Lansing while Michigan's slide continues(9/3/06).

MDP: Two plans, two results, one huge difference.

The Democrats are right, there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE. Governor Granholm’s mirage of leadership has brought Michigan no closer to the economic oasis that it so desperately needs. There is little question that Michigan is far worse off today than it was four years ago. Michigan is in the midst of a single-state recession and is last everywhere it should be first. Dick DeVos is a job-maker, a former business owner and has the leadership skills necessary to turn Michigan around.

· Since Jennifer Granholm has been governor, Michigan has lost 103,100 jobs (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

· As a result of Alticor’s re-organization, led by Dick DeVos, Alticor is enjoying it’s sixth consecutive year of growth (Alticor New Release, 11/2/05).

· Since Governor Granholm introduced her “Jobs Today, Jobs Tomorrow Plan”, Michigan has lost 55,100 jobs (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

· Dick DeVos, at the helm of Alticor/Amway has created 400 Michigan jobs as a result of the company’s expansion in China and 4,060 more Michigan jobs during his leadership role in the Grand Action Committee.

· United Van Lines reports that Michigan now leads the country in one-way out-of-state moves.

· At a time in Michigan’s economy where many companies were moving their operations out of Michigan, Dick DeVos made sure that Alticor would stay right here in Michigan and is now one of Kent County’s largest employers.

Some other facts from Granholm’s State of Denial include:

· Michigan’s unemployment rate is the 2nd highest in the country and is nearly 50% above the national average (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

· Nearly 20% of Michigan’s children are living in poverty (Detroit Free Press, 8/

· Michigan’s median income has dropped below the national average for the first time ever (Detroit News, 8/30/06).

· In 2005 89,473 Michigan citizens filed for bankruptcy. This represented an all-time high in filings. (Detroit Free Press, 9/18/05)

· From February 2004 to February 2006, the rate of home foreclosures in Michigan doubled to rate that is 2 ½ times higher than the national average. (Muskegon Chronicle, 2/27/06)

· Including Washington DC, Michigan ranks 51st in the nation in home values. (CNN Money, 12/1/05)


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