Tuesday, September 05, 2006

No Fear Just Pride by Akindele Akinyemi

I have had numerous phone calls from various people in the past 24 hours about seeing me on BOTH Fox 2 News and Local 4 News last night about my "I AM A BLACK REPUBLICAN" t-shirt and my support for Dick DeVos for Governor.

Paranoia is running so high in this community that on the Mildred Gaddis Show this morning they were slandering me and the supporters about supporting DeVos. One caller called in saying that DeVos paid me to stand by him. Another caller called me a "disgrace."

This is wonderful because I finally found how to crack the Democratic base in this city. This blog alone has been waking people to the truth. They are so afraid of the truth that they have resorted to lies and deception.

If DeVos was paying me I would not be in the classroom daily. NO ONE was paid to walk with DeVos yesterday. I was there. Anyone tells you other is lying through their teeth. However, I KNOW for a fact why people are working at BOTH the Granholm and Stabenow camps and it has nothing to do with supporting Granholm or Stabenow. They need to pay the bills and feed their families. Car note is due. Insurance bill is due. Cable bill is due. Cell phone bill is due. They needed a job...the same job that Granholm cannot provide for them outside the political arena.

For those who listen to Mildred Gaddis every morning you must remember that the people who normally call is have no more than a sixth grade education. 47% of our people are functionally illerate. 10% in this city have a 4-year degree from college. 4% have a graduate degree. 0.2% have a doctorate degree. Most listen to WHPR 88.1 FM and read the Michigan Citizen to try to articulate themselves.

This is why Gov. Granholm can come in and tell you that the Democratic Party is good for Blacks. Meanwhile, whole families are leaving Michigan and whole families are leaving Detroit due to the massive Arms Race that is going on in this city. People are rolling in packs with AK-47 and Tec Nine's over near Evergreen and Vaughn on the city's West Side. It feels like living in Palestine in Detroit. Every corner you turn you have to watch your back. It's just a matter of time before people start strapping on bombs and blow up buses. This is a means of survival.

Michigan Democrats are so desperate that they have resorted to lying. I have already predicted this win and we will see a sweep in November. Remember that!!!!!

I wore that shirt and displayed it in TV because I am not afraid to express myself. I have no fear to express myself. Anyone that knows me understand where I am coming from. I am showing other Black Republicans and conservatives that it's all right to choose your candidate based on values and positions. You no longer just have to vote Democratic because that's what the crowd is doing.

I am showing our young brothers and sisters in this conservative movement that you no longer have to live in the closet. Be proud of who you are. Those who call us names most likely live in poverty, live in fear, have a victim mentality and blame others for their downfall due to the lack of education.

It will take conservative and progressive measures to change Detroit. We have to re-instill conservative values in this city. I can hear Hezbollah in my backyard nightly. It sounds like Palestine when I drive near Hubbell and Grand River on any given night. It sounds like Afghanistan over on the North End. Warfare is breaking out all over the city. We no longer have to look to Iraq. Fallujah is right here on Chicago and Woodward. Baghdad is located on Van Dyke and Kercheval. People are fighting for land, their lives, food and wealth. Homicide is up 17% in Detroit. People are leaving the city in massive numbers trying to find peace and prosperity. It's like some massive exodus scene from Hotel Rwanda.

In 2003 Benton Harbor burned to the ground. It looked like something in the Gaza Strip. Granholm did nothing to help those African Americans.

I was in Flint on Sunday. It looked like North Korea. People living in poverty and the city has become lawless and chaotic due to the lack of BASIC services like police and fire.

I don't hear Mildred Gaddis or her callers asking Granholm for a State of Emergency to bring in the Marines to Detroit (I did not say the National Guard). This is real warfare.

Two 15 year olds getting shot while driving near Curtis and Mendota. One died. Another casualty. Never mind President Bush and the War on Terror, how many people in our city has died since the War on The Quality of Life began in 2002 when Granholm was elected? How many lives have been displaced? How many families have been separated in this city due to moving to other states to find jobs? Detroit leads the country in BOTH Baby Mamma's and STDs. HIV/AIDS is high as hell down here. Hepatitis is out of control in Detroit.

We don't have to see Katrina in Louisiana. Katrina is right here in Detroit. How come those callers did not talk about how people are living under overpasses on I-75 in New Jack City? What about those people who are sleeping on the bare ground on Woodward and Euclid in New Jack City? You know the park on Woodward and Euclid next to the Citgo Gas Station (where every thief, jacker, and hustler meet daily)? That is a haven for heroin, crack and prostitution.

Biological warfare is being conducted in New Jack City (New Center Area). Not only they are releasing high levels of mercury into the atmosphere and it stinks like hell at night but prostitution rates are at their highest since 1995. I have not seen so many women selling their asses like this in over 10 years. Not because they are on crack but because the car note is due and their child's medication is so high and without health insurance they have to do what is necessary to help their child.

Intellectual Warfare is being conducted as we speak as Detroit Public Schools opened with no teachers. While teachers are striking the whole world is passing us by academically. Our children are being pushed further down the toilet thanks to BOTH a deteriorating educational administration and greedy educators. Who walks out of 12th grade with a 4th grade education? Our children.

Listen, I was driving down I-96 near West Grand Blvd last night and you can smell the incinerator from I-94 and Russell at I-96 and the Boulevard!!!! When I got near New Jack City (New Center Area) last night you can smell the stinch of trash from the incinerator all over the neighborhood. No wonder we have the highest asthma rates in the city.

Don't point the finger at the Republicans when Detroit is ALL controlled by the Democrats. Calling us slaves demonstrates your intelligence level which is at a 5th grade level. We are winning the War on The Quality of Life and we will oust these ineffective leaders in November.

Do not people in the Black grassroots community rattle you. Stay the course and you will grow stronger. Stand tall and do not be afraid of who you are.

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