Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ruth To The Rescue in Oak Park by Akindele Akinyemi

The Oakland County Young Republicans are at it again. Today, they held the ethnic diversity outing at Shepard Park in Oak Park, MI. This was an excellent outing for those who could make it out in the cool weather and plenty of food to share.

I spoke with Lt. Governor candidate Ruth Johnson. She read the Michigan Citizen write-up on her and told me that she could not sleep that night when she read it. I asked her about her official position on Affirmative Action and she assured me that she was against MCRI. She wanted One Detroit to help her with some outreach efforts in Detroit to give Black people a more better reception of who she is.

I wrote a blog on Ruth Johnson a while back ago and why she would be a better choice for Lt. Governor. Liberals need to check their facts about who they are writing about before publishing it in their newspapers. Better yet, learn to research the facts before publishing anything.

The next person to show up at our outing was Sheriff Michael Bouchard who is going to beat Debbie Stabenow in the upcoming U.S. Senate race. Sheriff Bouchard spoke on issues relating to border control, affirmative action and diversity in the workforce. He pointed out how Debbie Stabenow has only passed one bill in the six years she has been a U.S. Senator. In fact, this is the only bill she has ever passed in her 10 year political career. He also stressed about how important for Blacks to come home to the Republican Party to be a part of the greater change.

This Oak Park police officer stopped her routine to meet Sheriff Bouchard. She is voting for him.

Linda Lee-Williams of Alliance of Black Republicans sticks Sheriff Bouchard with the tough questions on his position on helping Black women with HIV/AIDS.

Sheriff Bouchard speaking to some of the visitors who showed up at the outing. Included are Charles Fix (CEO of Ending Stereotypes in America) and Oakland County Commissioner Candidate Todd White. Fix is working with legislators to expand African civilization courses in the classrooms as a requirement while White is prepping himself to take control of the east side of Farmington Hills as a County Commissioner. His race is on auto-pilot and there is not stopping him.

Sheriff Bouchard speaks with Ron Edwards from The Edwards Notebook that airs every Saturday on 1400 AM in Detroit.

More people who showed up at the outing. Black Republicans are coming out of the woodwork to support candidates that have our best interest at hand. While liberals continue to use race and division to keep young people confused we are moving right along to make our communities better.

I have already told people that we will sweep in November. My prophecy will not fail me.

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