Saturday, September 09, 2006

Self Determination by Akindele Akinyemi

I often hear frequently in our community about how Black conservatives "pulled themselves up from the bootstraps." Of course, the Black liberals in the community think that we are lying when we say this.

I wonder why.

I know many Black conservatives that have pulled themselves up without the aid of being dependent on a system that have either kept them in slave status or otherwise.

I know for a fact that I had to pull myself up from the bootstraps. I learned about this lesson when I used to be a Black liberal myself. I was struggling not just financially but spiritually and mentally. None of those Black liberals gave me a chance nor helped me in the long run. Just like any liberal, they used me and threw me away.

None of your Black grassroots people in Detroit helped me get a job, helped me become financially stable nor taught me about family values. They helped their other Black comrades with the locks, the short naturals, the African garb, the beads, the drums, the poets and the ones who were in the political loop because of their hatred of other races in Wayne County and especially Detroit, and who practiced the "Blackest" religion.

Brothers like myself were left out. Therefore, I began to reconsider the fact that this Black grassroots movement was a farce. I turned out to be right. There are so many player haters in this movement. None of them helped me and many would not even call me to check on me and my family unless they needed something. Not just the Black grassroots but so many of those who belong to other Black organizations who knew me prior to becoming more conservative would not even invite me out for a drink, to eat, to kick the breeze and many of them will never even return my phone calls.

I grew sick of this. I was at the breaking point in terms of dealing with my liberal counterparts.

So many of our Black grassroots activists are living below the poverty level because they refuse to obtain an education to better themselves. They are doing nothing but cheating themselves. Yet, they want to be seen. They would rather hustle than work for an honest living.

These Black grassroots people do not care about your success, your failures, your family, nothing but what you can help the next person with. I grew tired of always helping someone who looked like me but was of the Devil. So many of them do not even have God in their spirit. Many wanted to even sleep with your spouse, your man or woman. Sexuality is very high among Black liberals and Black Nationalists in the community. This is why they embrace same sex relationships.

Therefore, I began to create my own path. I made a conscious decision to never follow another person as long as I knew the path. I motivated myself to get a bachelors degree. I motivated myself to go to graduate school. I motivated myself to start the One Detroit Network. I motivated myself to leave this Black movement and get on with the rest of the world. I motivated myself to teach, educate and mentor hundred of young people across this city. I motivated myself to reach out and get involved in various community projects, speaking engagements and helping young people get into the college of their dreams. I motivated myself to learn how Christian relationship should function according to biblical principles to help couples who are in need of guidance.

I have done this for 15 years with no signs of slowing down.

I motivated myself to visit different churches to expand my horizons on Christian living. I left those hoodrats and demons alone. I left the Masons and Eastern Stars alone. I left the fraternities and sororities alone. I left the Muslims alone. I left the Black left-wing Christians alone. I left the socialists alone. I left the Black grassroots people alone. None of these people helped me spiritually and financially when I needed it. When I needed help with school no one was there. When I was trying to find Christ they told me that Christ was made up. I left conspiracy theories alone and started dealing with facts. I left "my Black brother and Black sister" and embraced all races and began to understand that we are all brothers and sisters on this planet. My politics began to change. I started to ask myself why am I voting Democrat when I do not even embrace their political stance on marriage, education and economics? Why vote for a Democrat when I'm never going to work in that person's office to begin with?

Speaking of elected officials, there were many who I have helped on campaigns and even got elected in the past and only THREE have helped me on my journey. The other Democratic candidates (who I helped get endorsed) have not given one dime, advice, connections or sponsors to One Detroit. They have hooked up their friends with job leads but never helped a brother.

Sometimes, we have to grow up and be mature about our natural instincts. Some of us will never evolve. I am a witness to so many Black people stuck on stupid. So many brothers who abuse their women in the name of being "Black." There are so many sisters I know that are still stuck on the "Black" thing yet none of these sisters ever wanted to deal with me on a personal level. I was more "Blacker" than they were at one point. However, I left that aspect of my life alone. It was dragging my spirit into the abyss. I realized that I did not need them anymore because their lifestyles were opposite of the direction I was trying to go.

When I crossed over to the conservative side I felt right at home. Same values, same spirituality, and brothers and sisters who were not caught up on race but caught up on progress. We understand racism exists and there is a need for programs like Affirmative Action in our community but what I saw with the Black conservatives in this community is that they do not use race as a crutch excuse for not accomplishing anything. They get out there and build from the ground up and work hard.

Now I am free to move, do and say what I feel is right. I am no longer in bondage. Conspiracy theories are a thing of the past. I have no reason to hate, fear or be living in paranoia anymore. I do not have to stress over our conscious women because they are not conscious to begin with. I do not have to save all Black men because that is totally unrealistic. I do not have to save Detroit because it is a total waste of time. Why save Hell when you can move to Heaven?

I am conscious of who I am but understanding the power of evolution I have become something greater.

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