Friday, September 15, 2006

Thanking Granholm for Nothing!!!!

Detroit Public Schools Superintendent William F. Coleman III issued a statement saluting Governor Jennifer M. Granholm for her role in bringing an end to the District’s labor dispute with the Detroit Public Schools:“I wish to express my profound appreciation to Governor Granholm for the vital role she played in bringing the two-week labor crisis to an end. The governor provided strong leadership and served as a conduit for ongoing dialogue between the parties and offered creative solutions to help overcome some of our differences. In our conversations, she always stressed the harmful effect of the strike on the District, the city and particularly the children.

Throughout her term as the state’s chief executive, Governor Granholm has consistently been a good friend of the Detroit Public Schools. She is a frequent visitor to many of our schools and is always supportive of our innovative academic programs. Her role in bringing an end to the strike was a vivid demonstration of her dedication to the success of Detroit Public Schools and the city of Detroit.”

Yes she is a great friend of Detroit Public Schools. However, while she is being paid by the MEA we here in charter schools catch hell from low pay, cannot start your own management company and the Granholm Administration gives you hell in starting up a charter school.

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