Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thank's A Million DPS by Akindele Akinyemi

I am so happy to see Detroit Public Schools back in session so late. The reason?

We had an increase in the population of charter schools, independent schools and other educational options across the region.

Also, since DPS is off to a late start they have jeopardized their school aid for count day next week. Therefore, their fiscal woes will continue.

I have been a strong advocate for regionalizing the school district. We are passed "fixing the DPS schools" and "mediation."

I am advocating for those schools that are doing well in DPS become charter schools and separate themselves from a larger government operation and begin to move in a direction of independence. Those schools that are failing in DPS should be part of a larger reorganization process that includes regionalization from Wayne RESA.

Once again thank you DPS for committing academic genocide against our children. This has made our position for more educational options even stronger. I would also like to thank Granholm for once again showing her yellow stripe for not being involved in the school "crisis" more.

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