Saturday, September 09, 2006

There Is No Black Agenda...Just Rhetoric by Akindele Akinyemi

The Michigan Citizen, the liberal newspaper of those who are Democrats, are reporting on the front page about how the "Women of Granholm" gave Gov. Granholm a "black agenda."

A Black Agenda?

This group is led by Detroit City Council Jo Ann Watson, Detroit School Board member Marie Thornton and Maureen Taylor, the ringleader of the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization.

The issues on the table were insurance redlining, residency for Detroit Police and Detroit Fire Fighters, quality of life programs for women and more advertising dollars during campaigns for Black and other ethnic media.

Wow, some agenda. Maureen Taylor even want Granholm to create opportunities here for Michigan residents and in places like Detroit, Flint, Inkster, Benton Harbor, and other cities where African American resides.

This is all a pipe dream. Do these "grassroots" women think Granholm give a damn about some Black Agenda?

First, every Black city in Michigan are controlled by Democrats and are under siege by damaging welfare programs, failing public schools and guerilla warfare that is being conducted by those who are less educated than others. Second, ALL these cities are controlled by Black leaders who are caught up in paranoia that fogs their vision for stopping the War on Life by rejecting government programs that keeps Black people dependent on a larger system that has gone broke.

If we are moving towards a "Black Agenda" it should include raising the cap on charter schools, universal tax credits, regionalizing Detroit with Wayne County and privitzing some city services. The socialist way of a Black Agenda has not worked in the past, will not work today and will never work in the unforseeable future.

Black leaders in Detroit are running scared of the fact that DeVos will win this election. He will win because his vision just does not include one race of people but all people. DeVos will give us tax breaks and cuts where Blacks will be able to retain their small businesses in our community. DeVos will expand educational choice for parents. DeVos will give people a chance where Granholm has done a good job in destroying Black cities all across Michigan.

Flint does not have a police force and a fire fighter squad. Therefore, warfare has been going on up in Flint for quite some time. Benton Harbor burned to the ground on Granholm's watch. Inkster does not have adequate trash pickup. Detroit is a war zone where 8000 residents are fleeing the city every month to save their lives and families.

The only Black Agenda we should be talking about is survival.

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