Tuesday, September 19, 2006

This is A Serious Test by Akindele Akinyemi

If you are confused about who to vote for I highly suggest you read the following. There should be no reason why we should vote for Granholm. I do not care if you are a Democrat either you want to eat tomorrow or starve tomorrow. State lawmakers from the City of Detroit have confirmed that Granholm do not care about the City of Detroit and she is using Detroit as bait for votes. And it was recently confirmed from the Granholm camp in Kent, Genessee, Saginaw and Oakland Counties that the China commericals were a strategic attack from the Michigan Democratic Party to help swing urban voters due to Granholm's poor polling numbers at the beginning of the campaign. They know that Granholm will not win but are working on her campaign to help with their OWN campaigns. They have confirmed with One Detroit that she is outright lying on purpose on DeVos. They are also helping DeVos on the down low.

With that said in mind you should read the following and think for yourself.

In a new television ad Tuesday, the Granholm for Governor campaign continued to trumpet the governor’s “plan” as one that is working for Michigan, despite the dismal economic reality that Michigan faces.

Granholm for Governor Ad

The Truth

Granholm: Ford’s announcement last week hit hard. My administration is taking action to offer workers the opportunity for retraining.

Nobody will disagree that the announcements made by Ford and Daimler-Chrysler last week will set Michigan even deeper in it’s single-state recession. Unfortunately, these companies have not been the only two in Michigan to announce they are down-sizing or shutting down since Governor Granholm has been in office. The following are just a few examples:

· Collins & Aikman in Troy announced the elimination of 750 Michigan jobs (Detroit Free Press, 8/12/03).

· Pfizer in Kalamazoo announced the elimination of 615 Michigan jobs (Detroit Free Press, 9/20/03).

· Electrolux in Greenville eliminated 2,700 Michigan jobs. Nearly 1,000 of these jobs were shipped to South Carolina (WZZM 13- Grand Rapids, 1/17/04; MIRS Capitol Capsule, 5/6/04).

· Siemens Dematic AG in Grand Rapids announced that they eliminated 140 Michigan jobs (Grand Rapids Press, 5/3/05).

· Baker Furniture Company in Holland announced the elimination of 166 Michigan jobs (Grand Rapids Press, 12/11/05).

· Tower Automotive in Greenville announced the elimination of 195 Michigan jobs by shuttering their plant there (WZZM 13 Grand Rapids, 2/24/06).

· Georgia Pacific in Gaylord announced the elimination of 210 Michigan jobs .(Traverse City Record Eagle, 3/6/2006).

Granholm: Education for new jobs.

Under Jennifer Granholm’s “leadership,” higher education funding in Michigan was slashed while tuition soared to unprecedented levels.

· During Governor Granholm’s tenure, funding for all 15 of Michigan’s public universities have been cut (House Fiscal Agency, 2006)

· Governor Granholm cut higher education spending by $150 million. (Higher Education Budgets, 2003-2006).

· During Granholm’s tenure, Michigan colleges and universities increased tuition by nearly 50%. Last year alone, tuition in Michigan increased 12%, the third highest increase in the United States. (College Board, Trends in College Pricing 2005, 11/18/05; Detroit Free Press, 7/27/06).

· All four of Governor Granholm’s proposed executive budgets tried to eliminate the Tuition Assistance Program (Detroit Free Press, 2/13/06).

Granholm: And to help our people afford health care while the auto industry retools to compete.

With the exception of press conferences, press releases, and television ads, the governor’s Michigan First Health Care Plan is not in place and has moved no closer to becoming reality since Granholm first announced it.

· The governor first announced the Michigan First Health Care Plan in her 2006 State of the State Address, three years AFTER taking office. Despite the interest of legislative leaders who have asked for more details on the plan, no details exist – it’s nothing but a news release. (Gongwer 1/27/06)

· According to her plan, $400 million of funding is supposed to come from the state, but the governor has given no ideas as to where the $400 million to fund the program would come from. (Bay City Times, 5/10/06)

· Even though it is legislative approval is necessary to implement the plan, no legislation has been introduced from the governor’s office.

· Even though federal approval is necessary to implement the plan, no waiver request has been submitted to the federal government from the governor’s office.

· Even Governor Granholm has said that at best, The Michigan First Health Care Plan will not be in effect until spring of 2007. How does that help laid-off workers at Ford or elsewhere now? (Office of the Governor Press Release, 9/15/06).

Granholm: And I’m working the most aggressive plan in the nation to diversify this economy.

The governor’s “plan” simply IS NOT WORKING. Setting aside the fact that it took the governor two years in office to address the critical issue of Michigan’s job losses, our state has continued to bleed jobs.

· After Jennifer Granholm took office as governor, Michigan lost 104,600 jobs (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

· After Governor Granholm introduced her “Jobs Today, Jobs Tomorrow Plan”, Michigan lost another 55,100 jobs (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

· Michigan’s unemployment rate is 7.0%, nearly 50% above the national average (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

· Nearly 20% of Michigan’s children live in poverty (Detroit Free Press, 8/30/06).

· Michigan’s median income dropped below the national average for the first time ever this year (Detroit News, 8/30/06).

· Michigan’s foreclosure rate is now the 6th highest in the nation (Detroit News, 9/13/06).

· In 2005 89,473all-time
in Michigan citizens filed for bankruptcy.
(Detroit Free Press, 9/18/05)

Granholm: “There’s a lot more to do. But no one will work harder to go anywhere and do anything to bring jobs to Michigan. No one.

There are many examples where the governor has sat on her hands while Michigan lost out on jobs opportunities going to other states.

· The U.S. Midwest – Japan Association met this week in Indianapolis, Indiana. In attendance: Ohio Governor Bob Taft, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels and 600 other business and government leaders. Not in attendance: Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm (Indianapolis Star, 9/10/06).

· Since Jennifer Granholm became governor of our state, the State of Alabama created nearly 14,000 automotive manufacturing jobs. This marked a 43% increase in the automotive manufacturing workforce in that state and can be attributed to the state’s attracting 29 automotive plants in the past two years (Mobile Register, 2/17/06).

· Last fall when Delphi Corporation announced its bankruptcy, Governor Daniels of Indiana took action, speaking with company officials and trying to convince them that Indiana had profitable facilities that would be good for consolidation. Granholm’s response? After releasing a public statement blasting the company’s executives, she said that her administration was in a “HOLDING PATTERN” (Indianapolis Star, 10/13/05).

· Even months later, when the threat of a disastrous strike by Delphi employees was on the horizon, it was reported that Governor Granholm was taking a “WAIT-AND-SEE APPROACH” toward the situation (WJRT- ABC Flint Evening Newscast, 5/4/06).

· The Indianapolis Star summed it up perfectly: “Looks like Granholm's taking care of politics while Daniels takes care of business” (10/13/05).

· Consequently, Honda Motor Company announced just yesterday that they would build their new plant in Greensburg, Indiana (Washington Post, 6/28/06).

· Honda Motor Company announced the future construction of a new plant in the Midwest, creating 1,500 jobs. Though the governor was in Japan, Granholm did not meet with the Japanese based company’s executives, because, as she said on the Paul W. Smith Show on May 17, 2006, she was “totally booked."

· Governor Daniels of Indiana was ready to fight for Indiana’s manufacturers. Daniels discussed how his administration had been in talks with Honda for “several months” prior to the announcement (Washington Post, 5/17/06).

· The governor claimed that neighboring Indiana and Ohio would have to “go through Michigan” to score the plant. Granholm sent representatives to meet with Honda, but an automotive expert would go on to call Granholm’s efforts “AN 11th HOUR PITCH” and another expert to claim Michigan was a “VERY, VERY DISTANT THIRD” for attracting the plant. (WJR Radio, 5/19/06; Columbus Dispatch, 5/23/06).

We cannot send Granholm back to Lansing. Only a damn fool would vote for her AFTER she has not produced as you can see above. This is not rocket science. Either you want to vote for someone who has gone on record of producing jobs or you want to vote for someone because she is a pretty white woman attorney who "needs more time to change Michigan around."

Whatever. We need a change and that change will come from Dick DeVos.

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