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The Truth About China

With only 62 days to go until Election Day, Governor Granholm's re-election efforts turned to desperation.

Granholm's campaign is unveiling a negative attack ad today It is :30 second ad with a key element, saying:

'After Dick DeVos laid off 1,400 works, he went to Asia.

He invested $200 million and created thousands of jobs there.

Jennifer Granholm went to Asia and brought 2 companies home.2 plans, 2 results. 1 huge difference.'

Granholm's campaign will be airing this spot in their biggest ad blitz yet. Nearly doubling the amount of advertising to date.

The newspapers have already rebuked these 'China attacks' as 'phony,' and 'demagoguery.' These lies even prompted one journalist to write that Governor Granholm's re-election effort is driven to win 'perhaps at any cost.'

Dick DeVos will fight the attacks and set the record straight, making sure voters understand the truth. The campaign will continue to focus on the issues, on the Michigan reality of 104,000 lost jobs with 29,000 of those just last month.

The China Attack is a Lie - Not One Michigan Job Was Sent to China

Governor Granholm and her attack crew are using blatant lies and distortion on Dick's record as a Michigan jobs maker.

Every product made in China, stays in China.

In order to sell Michigan made products in China, Dick was required to open a plant in China by Chinese law.

Dick got into the Chinese market in early 1995; layoffs did not occur until 1998. There is NO connection between China and the layoffs.

In fact, 400 jobs are here in Michigan to support the Alticor sales effort in China.

By Selling Michigan-made Products around the World, Dick Saved the Company - and Protected 4,000 Michigan Jobs

When Dick became Vice President of International Sales at Alticor, he was in charge of heading the company's efforts to sell Michigan-made products around the world. At that point, they employed 3,032 Michigan workers. When Dick left as President in 2002, they employed 3,988. That means 956 more people have a quality job at Alticor because of Dick's efforts.

What Dick did as a jobs maker was pioneer selling Michigan made products around the world.

We make products here in Michigan.
We sell them around the world.
They send money back to us in Michigan.
That money means jobs for our families here in Michigan.

The decision to downsize at Alticor and cut management jobs was one of the most difficult decisions Dick has ever had to make.

Many employees took advantage of the early retirement that Dick offered.
Dick opened a special office to assist employees find other work.
No lawsuits were filed against the company because of the layoffs.
Because of the restructuring, Alticor experienced six straight years of growth. Dick's efforts saved the company, and preserved more than 4,000 jobs.

This Negative Attack from Governor Granholm is Hypocritical

While Alticor makes products in Michigan and sells them in 80 countries and territories around the world, Governor Granholm's Small Business Jobs Recruiter owns a factory in China that exports products to the U.S.

Under Governor Granholm, Michigan buys Chinese-made Keno pencils for the Michigan lottery. (Detroit News; 6/26/05)

The Governor also supports MEGA grants that give incentives to Ford and GM while they are expanding operations overseas.

Because she has no political motivation to attack these Michigan companies, she only attacks Dick DeVos and Alticor.

Michigan must sell Michigan products in China and around the world - to create more Michigan jobs. GM understands it. Ford understands it. China is one of the largest consumer markets of the world.

There is amazing potential for Michigan companies to grow by selling Michigan made products in China and around the world. This is a game we must win!


Dick DeVos was Vice President of Amway's International division and later became President of the company.

When Dick DeVos became Vice President of Amway's International division, there were 3,032 people employed at Amway.

When Dick DeVos left Alticor in 2002, there were 3,988 people employed.

That's 956 jobs created.

Dick DeVos is the only candidate for governor that has created Michigan jobs.


Jennifer Granholm is the Governor of the state of Michigan.

When Jennifer Granholm became Governor of Michigan, there were 4,445,000 people employed in Michigan.

When Jennifer Granholm ran for her second term as Governor, there were 4,345,000 people employed in Michigan.

That's over 100,000 jobs lost.

Jennifer Granholm is the only candidate for Governor that has lost Michigan jobs.

The Press Agrees - the China Attack is Wrong

'Ignoring China would have cost Amway more domestic jobs than its decision to invest there has.' (Brian Dickerson; Detroit Free Press Columnist; 6/30/06)

'At the bottom, the Democrats' outsourcing charge is an effort to exploit workers' fear of global competition. That's not just bad politics; it's a ticket to economic obsolescence.' (Brian Dickerson; Detroit Free Press Columnist; 6/30/06)

'Officially, China is `a target for investment opportunities,' a ranking state official told me.Yet China is becoming the whipping boy of this year's race for governor, as Granholm's statement on Hu's Thursday meeting with President Bush suggests. Trashing China won't encourage foreign investment in Michigan or stem the slide in auto jobs.' (Daniel Howes, Detroit News 4/21/06)

'But not a single Michigan job was lost because of [Alticor's China] investment. Alticor's China factory serves only China and doesn't export products to the United States.' (Nolan Finley; Detroit News Editor; 4/2/06)

'But the Chinese business has created 300 jobs in Ada, Alticor's headquarters. Michigan workers support the China market with product research, engineering, technical, accounting and legal services, and they wouldn't be in Michigan if Alticor wasn't in China.' (Nolan Finley; Detroit News Columnist; 4/2/06)

'There's a lesson in the Alticor experience for Michigan companies and Michigan voters. Globalization should be dreaded, it should be exploited.The Democrats' China paranoia is damaging to Michigan.' (Nolan Finley; Detroit News Columnist; 4/2/06)

'Democrats who think they can use off-shoring and Asian operations as weapons against Amway heir Dick DeVos, the presumed Republican candidate in Michigan's gubernatorial race next year, might think again. Michigan may be hungry for jobs, but haranguing DeVos for his work to establish the Asian presence for his family-owned company a decade ago doesn't jibe with economic reality.' (Crain's Detroit Business, 9/19/05)

'Alticor has invested more than $200 million in China in recent years, and it has contributed to the company's bottom line.' (Chris Andrews; Lansing State Journal Columnist; 8/31/05)

'It makes the final product in china because the Chinese government requires it. The material used to make the products are typically shipped from Michigan or California. In short: Michigan benefits from the company's success in China.' (Chris Andrews; Lansing State Journal Columnist; 8/31/05)

'Alticor's job trimming in Michigan is not unlike what most American businesses have gone through, and continue to go through as they seek to streamline, survive and prosper.' (Chris Andrews; Lansing State Journal Columnist; 8/31/05)

'Democrats' attack on DeVos misses its mark - In another case of too-early gubernatorial politicking, the Dems have wrongly accused DeVos of shipping jobs and investment dollars out of the country.But the simple fact remains, those jobs were not outsourced as has been asserted, so it certainly weakens the Dems argument in demonizing DeVos.this is one story that should just take a pass.' (Gary Gosselin, Oakland Press, 8/27/05)

'Criticizing DeVos on China doesn't add up - Democrats may have beefs with candidate, but his company's moves in Beijing don't qualify.The allegation, aired on behalf of a governor who touts herself as pro-business and hungry for international investment, doesn't check out.Brewer's right: Michigan voters should decide if Alticor-in-China is a big deal. The facts point to one conclusion - no, not really.' (Daniel Howes, Detroit News, 8/21/05)

Other Leaders, Democrat and Republican, Agree - We MUST compete in China

'Boeing is, after all, the country's largest exporter, and as Mr. Clinton told a cheering throng, its booming Asian business is a model for companies across America.' (President Bill Clinton; New York Times, 11/21/93)

'Business is doing its part by expanding its global outreach. While General Motors is suffering losses in North America, it is hugely profitable in Asia; particularly China. But six years into the 21st century, global economy no ranking elected state leader has visited China or India, the two fastest-growing economies.' (Tom Watkins, Detroit News, 6/16/06)

'We can bury our heads in sand and ignore what's going on around the world, or we can go ahead and see what these emerging global economies are all about and see if we can create some win-win situations.' (Wayne County Executive Wayne Ficano; Detroit Free Press, 9/27/05)

Granholm on the Attack - Lies and Distortion

'Amway used to stand for American Way. Is it the American way to ship American jobs overseas?' (Detroit News; 8/31/06)

'Maybe you remember reading about how he outsourced Michigan Jobs to China when he took over the family business.' (Jennifer Granholm: Granholm for Governor fundraising letter 6/29/05)

'I am a governor who goes to Asia to bring jobs back to Michigan. He's a CEO who cuts in Michigan to invest in Asia. There's the difference: I want to invest in people in Canton Township Michigan, while he'd rather invest in Canton Province in China.' (Detroit News; 8/27/06)

[DeVos] has supported the policies that got Michigan into this mess in the first place - the policies of outsourcing of jobs, these free-trade agreements that have seen our jobs go on a slow boat to China.' (Detroit News; 9/4/06)

'He says he wants to take the state in a new direction. Sure, that direction is the Far East.' (Detroit Free Press; 8/22/06)

'Granholm says Michigan's economy is uniquely challenged because of ongoing restructuring in the auto industry. She says federal policies supported by DeVos have contributed to a massive outsourcing of Michigan jobs to low wage countries like Mexico and China.' (The Iron Mountain Daily News; 8/18/2006)

'Granholm blamed the state's economic woes and global forces and twice mentioned competition with China, where workers produce goods for a fraction of the wage that Michigan workers earn. She said Michigan would succeed `not through investing in China, but through attracting Asian companies to Michigan.' That was a reference to months of attacks by Democrats that DeVos approved major investments in China when running Alticor while the company shrunk its white-collar work force in West Michigan.' (; 4/29/2006)

'Instead of sending jobs to Asia, I'd rather go to Asia and bring jobs here.' (The Detroit Free Press; 6/1/2006)

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