Saturday, September 09, 2006

We Should Not Support Residency by Akindele Akinyemi

I remember when residency was" taken" away during the Dennis Archer era of Mayorship. Now there are some in this city that want it back.

I do not support residency for several reasons. One, Detroit has to move to a more regional-type government. Regionalization is necessary for both Wayne County and Detroit to survive because both are running big deficits and consolidating government services would help our fiscal budgets.

The main reason of why I do not support residency is because Black people, who have fled the war in Detroit, are now living in places like Farmington Hills, Novi and West Bloomfield. They moved to these areas to find peace and prosperity. However, they may work jobs in the public sector and it is not right for Black families who are seeking peace, prosperity and serenity be forced to live in a war torn city that is ravaged by guerilla warfare, door-to-door fighting, drive bys, and jacking.

Some lawmakers in Lansing have been placing the residency issue on the table for years since it passed back in the late 90s. Mayor Kilpatrick has even gone as telling people if they want to work in his administration they must live in Detroit. This is slavery at its best. We are forced to live in Gaza Strip conditions that affect our everyday lives.

That is unfair.

People deserve to work and live anywhere they feel. Anything other than this is not moving our city towards regionalization.


FreeMan said...

The issue is Public Safety Officers should live in the area where they work especially in "9/11" era

akindele_akinyemi said...

Public Safety Officers should live anywhere they feel. We should be talking about consolidating our government like other major cities are doing to increase safety, reduce or eliminate deficits and better core services.