Tuesday, October 31, 2006

African Americans Cannot Make The Same Damn Mistakes Again by Akindele Akinyemi

This is proof that Gov. Granholm do not stand a chance in living hell of being re-elected. The above photo was taken at the Michigan State Fair two weeks ago in Detroit. Have you noticed the number of African Americans in line?

It looked like a cheese line if you ask me. Any African Americans who plan on voting for Jennifer Granhollm while looking at this picture is a damn fool.

I have said repeatedly, there is no way Granholm can be granted another term. This is ridiculous. People can't eat, foreclosures are at a record 137% and unemployment in Michigan is at a staggering 7.1%.

And guess what, while the State Democratic Party is busy hating on Dick DeVos ask them why are we seeing lines like this all across the city and state?

I just applied for 95 jobs all across the country with 70 of them being right here in Michigan. NONE of the 70 jobs called me or e-mailed me back. 12 jobs came from out of state.

Of course the Granholm Team, State Democrats and Detroit Democratic Precinct Delegates cannot answer this question of why young people like us are struggling to find a job.

In fact I will support my claim by using the Detroit News:

Cassie Prior fears her husband will lose his job as an industrial electrician, because, as factories close down in Michigan, there's less work for him.

The 27-year-old Lincoln Park mother of two small children also is losing friends, who are leaving the state to find work in other states. She's reluctantly thinking her young family may have to follow them. They've already looked at Colorado, Montana, Wyoming and Delaware.

"A lot of my friends are educated teachers, but are working at Home Depot or in a bar to help support their families because they can't find a teaching job," said Prior, who has a degree in psychology but is staying home with her 16-month-old daughter Daphne and 4-month-old son Parker.

While the Democratic Party are trying to keep us on the plantation here in Detroit I would like to remind people of why would it be a tragic mistake to vote for Jennifer Granholm on November 7th:

Presently, in Detroit and Highland Park, three Forman Mills (off-price, discount clothes) stores recently opened. Each store had over 750 applicants for 175 jobs, paying $6/hr.

A couple of months ago, the Detroit Department of Transportation (D-DOT) was passing out applications for 175 bus driver positions, paying $10/hr. 1000 people showed up.

In my own job search (along with stories that I have heard from other people as well as media reports), entry-level, administrative assistant, minimum of a 4-yr degree positions are literally attracting 100 applicants for one or two openings.

Meanwhile...Granholm's "up to 1000 Google jobs over the next 5 years" (primarily for U of M and MSU grads with IT and/or sales backgrounds, per an inside source) currently has 7 full-time and 2 temporary positions in Ann Arbor.

And meanwhile...during the press conference a few weeks ago, the media reported Granholm's "up to 450 Eprize jobs" were for attorneys, graphic/art designers, and IT personnel.

And finally...Granholm's 1000 Toyota jobs are for automotive engineering positions.Since Gov. Granholm is using Google, Eprize, and Toyota to appeal to the vast majority of citizens...

How about actually addressing employment options, in meaningful numbers, for that same vast majority of citizens.

What about regular people with college degrees in fields other than automotive engineering, IT, graphic art/design, and law, and who didn't attend U of M or MSU?

And what about regular people with high school diplomas and solid work experience?

Also do not forget the facts here as well:

1. Black people in Detroit are practicing Black Power politically. Other races of people start with education and economics first.

2. Mayor Kilpatrick is a Democrat.

3. Both members of the House of Representatives in Detroit are Democrats.

4. There are 12 State Representatives that represent Detroit. 11 are Democrats.

5. All 5 State Senators that represent Detroit are Democrats.

6. The Detroit School Board are Democrats.

7. The Detroit City Council are Democrats.

8. Most Black Judges in Detroit are Democrats.

9. The Detroit Delegation of the Wayne County Commission are Democrats.

10. The Detroit Water Board representation are Democrats.

11. The Fannie Lou Hamer PAC are Democrats.

12. The Black Slate are Democrats.

13. The Eastside Slate are Democrats.

14. The Community Coalition are Democrats.

15. 97% of the precinct delegates in Detroit are Democrats.

16. The Wayne County Executive is a Democrat.

17. The Governor is a Democrat.

So we have Black power in Detroit. Since we have this Black power:

47% of the total population are functionally illerate.

10% of the population only have a 4-year college degree.

67% of Blacks in Detroit have a high school diploma. The other 33% do not.

31% of Blacks live in poverty in Detroit.

4% only have a graduate degree in Detroit.

0.2% only have a doctorate degree in Detroit.

Detroit is ranked #2 in violent crimes in the United States. Flint is #3 in the U.S. Both cities are Black, Democratic and are 60 miles apart. In between BOTH of these cities is Pontiac. Pontiac is also a violent city that is Black and Democratic and is 25 miles from Detroit and 25 miles from Flint.

8% of Detroiters are unemployed.

63% of failing schools in Michigan are located right here in Detroit under the Democratic Party.

If Granholm is re-elected to office the streetlights in Detroit may stay off for a very long time like Pyongyang, North Korea.

Remember this picture as you are planning to vote next week: Is Detroit going the right way or wrong way under Jennifer Granholm?

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