Thursday, October 05, 2006

Akindele Akinyemi for State Representative in 2008? Is It A Hoax?

There are supporters of the One Detroit Network that is urging me to run for State Representative.

I am honored. Perhaps we need some political balance in Detroit. I was picked because many feel on this side of town that we have no conservative representation in Lansing.

One Detroit began in 2002 when my co-founder, James Ribbron, ran for Detroit City Council. Since then we have been coasting.

Tonya Myers was a near miss in 2005 with the Detroit School Board while Bert Johnson and Shanelle Jackson both won State Representative seats this past August.

Now supporters want me to run for State Representative in 2008. They want me to represent the Republican ticket.

Many want me to run because:

1. I am uncut.

2. I am raw.

3. Supporters want a candidate who will fight for educational options.

4. Supporters told me that they are seeking a person who will fight for lower taxes.

5. Supporters told me that the need a fighter in Lansing.

6. Many think I have a strong command of the issues and will get results.

7. Many feel I can capture Democratic votes in the genreal election in 2008. That I know I can for a fact.

8. I am intimidating and Black..LOL

9. I will listen to every issue for my constituents. Just ask my students and their parents.

Will I run for State Representative in 2008? Perhaps.

Stay Tuned.


Oakland GOPer said...
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Oakland GOPer said...

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Oakland GOPer said...

Do it. I am from the 26th, but I would definitely support you as far as getting your message out. Keep telling the truth about Dems and education. Let's get some money into the classroom. It is time that the MEA realizes that education is for the children, not the teachers and unions. Love your blog. Keep it up.

George Roberts

Kara said...

I would support you Akindele. Is Kimberly Hill and Alison Vaughn running again in 08?

you are the only person who is keeping it real among the young crowd here in Detroit as a Black man and a Black Republican.