Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Amos Williams Do Not Stand A Chance by Akindele Akinyemi

"Famous" Amos Williams is running for Attorney General of the State of Michigan.

Poor choice for someone who do not stand a chance. We know that Mike Cox will win hands down.

I personally feel sorry for him because I feel that he is being used by the Michigan Democratic Party under the Klansman leadership of Mark Brewer. As usual, Brewer's deceptive tactics of divide and conquer hurt African Americans in the party.

I mean how come the Michigan Democrats could not just pick TWO African Americans to run on the state ticket (since they are into race/racism)? Amos Williams and Mary Waters for Secretary of State would have been a first in the State of Michigan. However, state party had to pick one token to run statewide and that to me is racist in nature.

The other thing that bothered me is how Amos Williams was picked. Granholm wanted Scott Bowen to win the nomination but Grand Kleage Brewer with the help of the Labor Alliance and Mayor Kilpatrick picked a weaker candidate to run against a powerhouse like Mike Cox for attorney general.

My personal gripe with Williams is the fact that he is too liberal. Read this excerpt from Between the Lines (a gay and lesbian magazine published in Metro Detroit).

BTL: Do you see any similarities between the black civil rights movement and the LGBT civil rights movement? Do you see the communities as allies or do you agree with some conservative black leaders who say the two are separate movements?

Williams: No. I see them as the same movement. I really do. Civil rights and human rights under our system of laws are supposed to be the same. All you need to invoke those civil protections is to be a United States citizen. You qualify. And I don't think we should be divvying up who has equal protection under the laws and who doesn't.

I've been questioned a number of times on whether or not I think that there should be special legislation to include the gay and lesbian community - I don't think so, because I don't think it's necessary. I think you're already included.

This is ridiculous and who in the hell would agree to such? There is not one liberal or conservative preacher in the Black community that agree that the Civil Rights Movement and the LGBT movement are the same. Not one. And if they do agree on such then we know that they are following Satan.

He then goes on to say the following:

BTL: Mike Cox, the current attorney general, has issued an opinion stating that the anti-marriage 2004 Proposal 2 means that public employers, including the state's universities, can't continue to offer domestic partner benefits. He's fought to have his opinion prevail in National Pride at Work v. Granholm to the extent that Gov. Jennifer Granholm had to retain separate council to support her pro-domestic partner benefits position. If elected how would you handle this case?

Williams: When elected, I intend to make sure that the governor doesn't have to hire special counsel to advance the view that she is advancing. Mike Cox is not advancing the interests of the people of the state of Michigan through this advance of his homophobic agenda. That's what he's doing - he should have never interjected his own personal feelings into this controversy. I don't think it's right. I think he's advancing the agenda of the right wing, the extreme right wing, and I think that it does nothing more than continue to divide the citizens of the state of Michigan and try to pit the various interests groups against each other.

We've been divided for so long, black and white, old and young, male and female, gays and straight, and the fact of the matter is we're all Gods children, all Michigan residents and we're all citizens of the United States.

We are not homophobic we just feel that LGBT people have the same rights as everyone else. They have the right to marry people of the opposite sex for starters. Giving them special privileges should not be an option. And if Mr. Williams can show me in the Bible where Gays and Lesbians are God's children I will stop talking.

I didn't think he could show me. Thanks...

If Mr. Williams would like for me to vote for him then he should look into strengthening tougher laws on crime here in the urban community. Our community looks like a war zone and we are hearing Hezbollah and Fallujah outside our windows every night. We should also continue tougher laws on child support and not support pro-choice views (unlike Granholm).

I wish the Michigan Democrats would stop playing racist acts where they use Black people as pawns for their dirty games. I would have loved to see Amos Williams just sit in the background and do nothing.

Since Livonia is going to come out in support for Mike Cox this is why he will win another term.

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