Monday, October 02, 2006

And In 5 Years...You Will Be Blown Akindele Akinyemi

While we are continuing our coverage of Granholm getting her ass whupped by One Detroit we are gaining momentum in the community. We plan on tripling our student outreach for DeVos sponsored by One Detroit. We are teaching them their history about the Republican Party and why the Republican Party is a party of opportunities for young Black entrepreneurs.

Granholm claims in five years we will be blown away. You are absolutely right. In five years, under a DeVos administration, we will be working, taxes will be lower, educational options will be in full swing, and crime will be lower.

Another five years under Granholm and our state will be looking like Palestine and Western Sudan. Unemployment will be a record 20%. Schools who have not met AYP will triple under five more years with Granholm. Crime will quadruple under Granholm and door to door warfare will be occurring in every urban city in Michigan.

We no longer have to listen to Granholm's scare tactics on China. Most of my students are NOW curious about China and why they are prospering under the Sun unlike Michigan, who have loosing one job every 20 minutes since Granholm was elected.

Granholm's China Attack has no substance and we have stepped up our efforts to getting DeVos elected. We must at all cost support a candidate who is for educational options to help save Black children. Our students know this and this is the reason why they are coming out in mass support for DeVos and not Granholm.

What I have been doing is exposing high school students about the danger of re-electing Granholm and how much of an impact it will have on them once they step foot in college. I often ask them the following questions:

1. Do you want a Governor who keeps on raising the tuition ON your college or university?

2. Do you want a Governor who keeps on loosing one job every 20 minutes in Michigan?

3. Do you want a Governor who is inept to bring jobs to Michigan?

Our students identify themselves as Democrats but are slowly becoming Republican. The Black Nationalist and grassroots community cannot stop us. The Young Democrats cannot stop us because we are already one. In other words, the young Democrats are stomping for Granholm but support DeVos. The Granholm Camp on West Grand Blvd and Woodward are supporting DeVos as well but are trying to play the role of supporting Granholm.

This is good because it is a covert operation for DeVos. Thank guys. We knew you wouldn't let us down.

Students all over the city are coming out in support for DeVos. I personally sent four students over to the Detroit Victory Center on behalf of Dick DeVos and they made over 500 phone calls in less than 2 hours. I will be sending students over to convert people to vote for DeVos.

In 36 days, Granholm will be blown away. Period. We don't need to wait five years.

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Afrknsci said...

Granholm 1
Devos 0

devos is such a robotic liar...he looks like he lives to make soundbites...jus answer the damn questions man...he took an L on this debate he needs a script and a teleprompt...granholm stuck the knife in the gut wiht the senior community rape thing which left him stumbling and bumbling...he needs to stick to business amway buisness...he didnt take any looby money i guess so if you got billions you dont need that chump change when you got the amway caucus in D.C.

"The company and its top leaders have contributed at least $4 million to the Republican Party during the past four years, so that's a $4 million investment in campaign contributions with a $283 million payoff for Amway.That's quite a deal; that's better than 70 times your money back. Wall Street may be flying high, but Wall Street can't offer anything like the payoffs people get playing the political system instead of the stock market."

devos you've got some splaning to do