Friday, October 06, 2006

Arab Americans Are Coming Out In Full Force For DeVos

Michigan has a terrific Arab American community that takes pride in our state and wants to see it succeed. We must get to work creating jobs so that we can keep our families together and build strong communities. We must reward entrepreneurship, making it more feasible and more easily attainable. The small business around the corner could be our state's next great success story. As the owner of a small business, I understand the needs of entrepreneurs and the steps we can take as a state to help them grow.

Together we will turn Michigan's economy around and start creating jobs. As a businessman, I know what it takes. There's been enough blame and excuses to go around, now it's time to get down to business and get Michigan back to work.

The future of Michigan is up to all of us. With your support, I know we can change Michigan and get us back on track creating hope and opportunity.

-Dick DeVos

Nasser Beydoun is the current President of the Arab American Chamber of Commerce and a strong local leader."I am proud to support Dick DeVos because he has the experience needed to bring jobs to Michigan."

Jobs - Michigan needs change. Here are a few things to do to get Michigan back on track:

eliminate the job killing single business tax, cut government red tape, create one stop shopping for new job providers, and prepare more Michigan workers for high-tech jobs.

Education - Every child deserves a world class education and every child deserves equal educational opportunities. Currently, only 57 cents of each dollar spent on education makes it to the classroom. This number must be increased if our children are to succeed in a global market place.

Healthcare - We need to make changes to ensure that our health care system remains accessible to everyone. We must rein in the escalating costs of health care by creating a 21st century technology-driven health care system to make medical records more efficient, reduce hospital errors, and provide Michigan citizens with the tools to better manage their own health care. I will work to reduce the cost of health insurance so that it is accessible to working families and job providers. The best way to ensure access to insurance is to create jobs.

Immigration - The interests of Michigan residents must be protected. Employing illegal immigrants is a practice that will not be tolerated by a DeVos Administration. Michigan has the right and the need to know who is coming to our state and living within our borders. Protecting our borders is one of the most basic responsibilities of the federal government. First, Congress must deal with our porous borders and second, they must address the status of illegal immigrants in a manner that demonstrates two great things about America: Our respect for the rule of law, and our compassion for all people.


reggie said...

how come Arabs are coming out for DeVos but we still have Black people in Detroit sacred to vote for change?

La Gina said...

you should check out the deVos camp on 6 mile and meyers. They are booming over there.