Sunday, October 15, 2006

Black People in Detroit: Stop The Fear and Paranoia About DeVos by Akindele Akinyemi

November 7th is right around the corner and Black people in the City of Detroit need to get their heads on straight.


It's time to break tradition and vote for who is the best candidate in this race.

No more fear and paranoia from the Black Nationalist, unions or grassroots community. It's time that we quit bullshitting and get on task here.

8% of us here in this city are unemployed.

50% are functionally illerate.

10% have a 4-year college degree.

4% have a graduate degree.

0.2% have a doctorate degree.

69% of students at Detroit Pershing H.S. are HIV-positive. This number is hovering around 75% at several DPS schools.

A large percentage of us with NO health care.

65% have high school diplomas.

31% of us live in poverty.

Crime has been on the rise for 25 straight years in Detroit.

We loose thousands of residents a MONTH in Detroit.

Most of us function on a sixth grade level here in Detroit.

This is a SERIOUS CRISIS that we cannot no longer have a "wait and see" approach. We are no longer in a holding pattern.

This is a pandemic and on November 7th we need to stop the foolishness.

There is no more just vote straight Democratic this year. We are loosing this fight and Jennifer Granholm has not done a damn thing to stop the bleeding Detroit.

Dick DeVos is a far better candidate than Gov. Jennifer Granholm and I'm not just saying that because of past blogs that I have posted. I'm saying that because we need a leader that is not afraid to fight for Michigan.

Granholm is afraid to fight for Michigan. I STILL cannot believe she sold her boy (Scott Bowman) up the damn river at the Michigan Democratic State Convention for Amos Williams in hopes of keeping Mary Waters off the ballot for Mayor Kilpatrick.

Granholm is afraid to fight for education and for our children. At the teacher union expense she continues to raise tuition at statewide universities, will NOT raise the cap on charter schools (and we saw first hand of what happened to the children in DPS in this year's strike), and continues to support failing schools.

DeVos is the exact opposite.

The Black grassroots community, in conjunction with the Democratic Party, are spreading lies about how DeVos is like Engler. Nothing is further from the truth. Do you think Enlger supports Affirmative Action? No.

DeVos. Yes.

Even as a teen growing up in Detroit I can remember Engler was hostile towards urban communities in Michigan. DeVos is the exact opposite and by being around him and engaging in dialogue with African Americans I can tell he is ready to get Michigan back to work.

Black people in Detroit have to stop looking at the Republican Party as the enemy. I have heard so many Black people tell me to my face that DeVos do not care about Blacks in Detroit because he is rich.

This is what a sixth grader would say in the classroom. Yet, we hear so many people saying this foolishness in the street.

But since we are on the topic of being rich who is STOPPING US from wealth creation? Ourselves, not DeVos and until we get out of that mode of fear and paranoia we will never move Detroit ahead.

All you Michigan Young Democrats, young political pundits, young business people and newly recently elected officials who I saw at the recent Democratic Reception in Downtown Detroit, what has Jennifer Granholm done for Detroit the last four years other than blame Bush for loosing jobs in Michigan? While the rest of the country is enjoying prosperity and job growth we still continue to loose jobs. Granholm is blaming Delphi, Bush, Tom DeLay, Mark Foley, dog catcher, anything to not show her weakness in running government effectively.

You want to change the city so bad but you latch on to a woman who cannot get the job done. If you want to change the city very badly as I can see at the International Detroit Black Expo functions every First Friday or other political functions you have to begin to design networks across the political spectrum. Has anyone even invited DeVos to ANY of these functions? You follow? How can you pass judgment on someone you never met? DeVos might be the very thing you need to build your business, get business tips and I think if you are starting a Christian-based family business DeVos is the BEST person for that over Granholm.

I guarantee that or I will stop writing forever.

Young Dems, by keeping it all Democratic in Detroit is going to sink us further in the hole. I still have yet to see ANY young Democrats reach out to young Republicans but yet you want to change Detroit on your own.

It sounds like to me you are following the old guard and that road in this day and age will lead us nowhere but a dead end.

What has Granholm done for educators in Detroit?

If you are not in a teacher union nothing. Students are receiving teaching certificates and leaving Michigan. This woman is very unfriendly towards proponets of educational options here in Michigan. In some cases, very hostile and that is not fair for our children in the inner city.

What has Granholm done with the Department of Corrections where she has made "mistakes" where all these people who were released early have gone back to crime and endangering the lives of the innocent?

Not a damn thing.

And what has Granholm done for your small business that you ended up closing because of her weird tax policies that have you go belly-up?


And Detroit, while you try your damnest to paint DeVos as another Engler or Bush how come Blacks here in the city do not question the fact that the Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer defended the Ku Klux Klan a few years ago right here in Michigan? How this same racist chairman lies about DeVos and China when Democratic cities all across Michigan have gone down under. In all Democratic cities in Michigan crime is higher, failing public schools are a norm and the quality of life has declined.

Don't believe me look it up.

If we can put down the Michigan Citizen for just a minute, stop listening to Charles Pugh on 97.9 FM on Sundays, and stick to reality for once and realize that this governor's race is serious we can start making headway. All roads lead to Detroit in this upcoming election and we must stop the fear, paranoia and I don't care attitudes that continues to hurt our city and region. It time for Black people to support a candidate that supports OUR social views.

Most of us in the city are socially conservative and DeVos is socially conservative.

Most of us are pro-life. DeVos is pro-life. I never understood why Granholm is pro-choice and she is Catholic.

Most of us want educational options in Detroit. DeVos wants Detroit to have educational options for children. Granholm does not.

Most of us want tax breaks on our small businesses in Detroit. DeVos wants that too. Granholm does not.

Most of us want those 1300 additional cops back on the street to protect us. DeVos has already promised to put them back on the street. Granholm does not.

Most of us want to elect someone who will take blame for their mess ups. DeVos said he will take that hit. Granholm blames the whole damn world but her. Bush, DeLay, car dealer, her husband, her children, the maid, everyone but her.

We need Detroit to vote DeVos on November 7th. Our children and hell, even those of us who are graduating with Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees want to stay, get married and raise our families right here in Michigan. But if we cannot find a job that will help us sustain our families and we keep voting for someone who is weak on issues what good is that for our families?

Detroit, get out of your comfort zone and vote DeVos. If DeVos drops the ball and we are still in the same predicament in 2010 I will switch my vote for a Democrat. Guaranteed. But I know DeVos will help us out if we just give him a chance. That's why I'm not worried about switching my vote because we will be working and as long as he helps us out here in Detroit by cutting through red tape it will be our responsibility to make Detroit grow.

In other words, DeVos will open the door but it will be OUR responsibility to walk through as a community. If you are looking for DeVos to hold your hand forget it. It's not going to happen. If you are looking for him to cut red tape then he's your man.

Let's stop the debate and vote DeVos on November 7th Detroit. We need help and if Granholm is elected again that will spell doom for those who are NOT unionized and for those who have earned their college degrees but will be forced to move out of state because there are no jobs.


onetimememberofwof said...

Man, I don't kknow what to say about you. How could someone have all that facts that you have and so consistently be wrong. I pity you so much sir.

akindele akinyemi said...

then prove me wrong