Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Both Democrats and Republicans Have Failed Us by Felicia Benamon

Democrats and Republicans have failed us. Both parties have become so monstrous and out of control that it is no longer about the people anymore. Healthcare is in a crisis, we are at war, the illegal immigrant population is skyrocketing, no one is answering about the effort to create a North American Union (save a few who are trying to expose it), but some Republican representation is too busy satisfying their own desires, are too busy spending money for pork projects for their state, allowing powerful lobbyists to influence their decisions, and have gotten away from conservative values. There are WAY too many RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) in Congress. And Democrats are salivating over a scandal for Republicans so they can seize control again.

The sexual exploits of Mark Foley (R-FL) are all I hear about. In no way should there be an excuse for his actions with underage male pages; I'm disgusted about all of this. Not only did Foley embarrass his constituents in Florida (and frankly the entire country), but he disrespected the office to which he was elected.

This incident, of course, is one of which the Democrats hope they can reclaim the House and the Senate majority.

Both Republicans and Democrats still don't get it. It's not about who will have control. The American people want representation in Washington who won't disgrace the important position given to them. We want leaders in office who will remember the people of their district and state, and will remember why they were sent to Washington. This applies to both sides because both parties are having a field day in Washington. Democrats are too busy finger pointing, as always, and Republicans are doing what they want.

Part of the "October Surprise" this year is Bob Woodward's book State of Denial: Bush at War Part III. Criticizing the Bush administration on Iraq, Woodward said on Meet the Press Sunday morning that, "they haven't been telling the truth about what Iraq has become." In other words, the Bush administration has been selling a sense of overall optimism about what is going on in Iraq when the violence has increased. But just because there is increased violence does not indicate that America has somehow lost control or is losing the war there.

I DO believe however that in order for us to be successful, we need to give our military what is needed to finish the job in Iraq, so that Iraqi forces and the Iraqi government that we've worked so hard to put together (to represent a fair cross section of the Iraqi people) can take over and alleviate the stress off of us. We have other fronts to attend to.

What I am also annoyed with is the lack of information that the media puts out in regards to Iran's involvement in Iraq. The issue is to tell the TRUTH about just who Americans and Iraqis are fighting. Iran's influence is pervasive in Iraq through Shiite militias. They aren't some random fighters that are disillusioned with their reality and are fighting back against the "occupiers."

Woodward's book, undoubtedly, is supposed to inflict some damage to the Republicans right before the elections in November. It's up in the air whether or not his book has had any effect so far. Meanwhile...the American people remain frustrated with BOTH parties and wonder what it has to take before anyone in Washington listens to us.

Many in Washington are career politicians who have gotten so comfortable with their way of life, that they are not listening to the "little guy," but instead are engaging in partisan politics and waffling on important issues, like controlling our borders. Approving a 700 mile fence between Mexico and America will not put my mind at ease. Frankly, I won't believe it until I see it. And there are gaps in the proposed fence. The ENTIRE border needs to be protected!

Perhaps the American public should look into an alternate party, like the Libertarian party? Are the Libertarians the party that puts the interests of the people and the country before themselves? They seem to be a party dedicated to smaller government and allowing the people to have more of a say in their lives. In this day and age, with even the Republicans in power, that's what's needed.

Or perhaps we should take a look at the Independents, like Joe Lieberman (who recently decided to run as an Independent after losing as a Democrat in the primaries) and Republican outsiders, like Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) who has been a lightning rod in fighting against a North American Union and for strong border control.

Perhaps the conservative leadership who has not strayed from their values should consider becoming Independent or Libertarian. That would shock the Republican Party back to reality. Something has to be done.

In the meantime though, I will continue to vote for conservative, down home, regular people who are running as Republicans in my area, to represent me in Washington. Sometimes, they don't always win, and the candidate with the most money or name recognition does. Or the "career politician." This is why it's so important to vote during the primaries, to weed out the smooth talkers who will say anything or use their name to get elected. Those aren't the type of people we need representing us. The power tends to go to their heads.

Absolute humility should be a prerequisite for anyone serving in Congress. I am still waiting to see it from many serving there now.

I am sure that the Foley incident is not the only one that has been simmering under the radar of Congress and the American people. Surely there are others who are living out sordid lives and aren't putting the interests of Americans to the forefront.

Republicans! Democrats! Get your acts together! We are living in perilous times which call for strong leadership, and you are far from it at the present time!

There are other options, other parties that seem more serious about upholding the integrity of this nation and helping to preserve it than the current major political parties. Perhaps it's time that Americans look for more stable leadership, one that will do right by this country and its people. Maybe the Libertarians?

That is, unless Republicans reign in the troublemakers and the crooks. And unless the American people elect someone who is sincere, someone who will not chase the spotlight all the time.

I also want to see President Bush get firm with how we are conducting this War on Terror, and gives our military EVERYTHING they need to help out Iraq (so we can leave), and allows the freedom of information to flow about what is going on.

If we say we are a majority Christian country, then it's important that we pray for our leaders. One question remains, will our leaders listen to the voice of God and allow Him to help them lead? Or will they only continue to be self-serving. Please pray for our leaders, but also, take action by voting.

The Republican Party says they are the party of values, the party that is strong on national security, so I want to see that.

The world is watching Republicans! You've got to practice what you preach!

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