Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Creating A Bi-Partisian Agenda by Akindele Akinyemi

My colleagues on the Democratic side is complaining about my blog being too ultra conservative. They feel that I cannot work with Democrats at all.

This is total nonsense. In fact, what I purpose is creating a joint bi-partisan agenda with my young Democratic colleagues. I would love to work with creating a better New Detroit.

1. Education.

I strongly would recommend as a bi-partisan push to reconstruct the Detroit Public Schools first. We can do this by several ways.

For example, we have to dismantle to school system in its current form. The current school system of governance has failed our parents and children. We need to reconstruct our school system by creating a smaller unit of governance. The current system is too large to govern. I would propose to having a mixed system of governance with less state government and control.

The other thing would be allowing Wayne RESA to regionalize the entire Wayne County school system as one.

For instance, Detroit Public Schools should have clusters where a board of directors control the elementary schools in that cluster. The same goes for middle and high schools. In fact, schools that are failing should look into developing a partnership with in-state non-profit management companies to help develop the curriculum and academic routine of the schools that are not meeting AYP.

Detroit Public Schools also should look into direct education: learning through implants attached to the brain. A good way of retaining students is homeschooling: many children are lovingly homeschooled, and there is an extreme polarity between these children and those that are in public schools. DPS can also look into experiential schools: children learn through social experiences and interpersonal relationships.

I would also like to put on the table of how charter schools and DPS can co-exist in Metro Detroit. One way is for charter schools to look at a variety of developing unique high schools in the City of Detroit. The educational community must begin to look at building - novel charter schools, cyber charter schools, and developing more magnet schools in the Metro Detroit area. Some educators, for many years, have influenced progressive school systems through programs like the Future Problem Solving Program. Educators now might help create entire high schools with futuristics at their very core. These schools would explore futurism, emphasizing the importance of rational, scientific, and common-sense thinking about the future. Each learning center would be a smart combination of bricks and clicks - a physical site combined with interactive Internet distance learning. Each would honor basic high-school requirements while tweaking the curriculum so that it relied on lessons based in futurism. Elements in a futures curriculum are discussed.

The purpose of raising the cap on charter schools is not to drain the current public schools system but to open the doors for parents to give children options. DPS should reduce its deficit by cutting wasteful spending and balancing its budget by reducing salaries from the top down.

Charter schools should be designed into teaching students how to conduct real estate business, mortgages and even owning and operating their schools that they seem fit. DPS should assist charters by training young educators who graduate from college enroll them into a six month urban educational leadership program to help prepare them for educational leadership in the community.

Republicans, Democrats and independents should fight to reduce the amount of time for getting certification requirements to teach in a K-12 environment. We must amend the school code in order to make this happen.

Finally, communications and instructional technologies are necessary to make education an anytime anywhere activity rather than a place-bound schoolhouse event have been rapidly evolving for several years. The only step remaining in Metro Detroit is to end the public-school monopoly on funding so that learners can leave schools and find the education of their choice. Despite constantly accelerating social and technological change, the paradigm for education has remained essentially static. For the first time, a critical mass of fiscal, social, and technological factors have converged that present a real push for significant change in the educational paradigm. A market-driven world of educational opportunities will develop, giving learners an unlimited number of educational options.

We must tell out brothers and sisters in those teacher unions to let go or face a mass exodus from our children and parents who help fund the current public schools system.

2. Regional Government.

Detroit and its representatives in Lansing as well as the Wayne County Commission should look into consolidating both governments as one. I recently read a report from SEMCOG how Metro Detroit is Wayne, Macomb, Oakland, Livingston, Monroe, Washtenaw and Essex Counties (Windsor, Ontario). I though that was interesting because all of these counties are necessary in fueling Southeastern Michigan.

Consolidating governments would be a great idea. I mean take a look at cities like Louisville Ky, Indianapolis, IN, Jacksonville, FL, Nashville, TN and Baton Rouge, LA. The purpose of consolidating our government here would be to smooth out city/county core resources, reduce our deficit and have everything operating on one system. We need a consolidated system with our own wireless technology countywide.

African Americans no longer just live in the inner city. We live in Wixom, Novi and even Walled Lake. So we have to begin thinking about expansion and consolidating into a regional network.

3. Expanding the Global Market.

For the first time in its history, the United States will see a significant proportion of its population emigrate due to overseas opportunities. According to futurists Arnold Brown and Edie Weiner, Generation Y, the population segment born between 1978 and 1995, may be the first U.S. generation to have many of its members leave the country to pursue large portions of their lives, if not their entire adult lives, overseas. Brown and Weiner also predict that by 2025, 75% of Americans will live on the countryƂ’s coasts.

This is true since jobs are going overseas. How do we prepare to compete in a 21st century job market. We should look into expandingthoses educational options by setting up charter schools overseas. In other words, building schools but have those management companies based right here in Metro Detroit. Those charters would also have a vocational component or a business component to help those students compete in a job market.

We should look to China, Germany, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, France and even the Netherlands to design our schools and compete. We should look into venues like the International Detroit Black Expo every First Friday for training and networking with other Black owned businesses to help build up our educational community.

I am opening the door to bi-partianship. I wonder who will respond or are we still going to continue following our own tail and keeprepeatingg the same mistakes. I am a Republican but I am fair.

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