Thursday, October 26, 2006

Democrats and Homosexuality: In The Bed Together

There's a billionaire trying to buy the election in Michigan and this one is a Democrat. A very liberal Democrat who spends his money pushing an agenda that most families would find extreme.

Here's a memo to MSM reporters from Michigan House Republican Campaign Chairman Rep. Joe Hune that sums it up best:

I bet you think you've seen - or even written - this story before.

"Son of one of Michigan's wealthiest families set to spend millions on this year's election."Sound familiar?

The truth is, while hardly a story is written about Dick DeVos without mentioning his wealth and his personal investment in his campaign, the unreported story this election cycle so far is Jon Stryker: his wealth, his out-of-the-mainstream agenda and his unprecedented investment in trying to win the Legislature for Democrats.

The differences between DeVos and Stryker are many, but one central difference is that rather than putting his own name on the ballot and running for office, Stryker - in the mold of George Soros or the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth - has formed and funded a 527 front group - the Coalition for Progress.

Jon Stryker is the ultra-liberal billionaire scion of the Stryker family of Kalamazoo, and he has drawn a bull's eye around Michigan's families with his hidden agenda to elect lawmakers willing to rubber stamp his extreme agenda to legalize gay marriage, expand abortion on demand and unravel the social fabric that holds our communities together. Stryker created Coalition for Progress in August and is spending millions to defeat pro-family, pro-life candidates — $3 million to date and counting. Here's what the Detroit Free Press wrote last month about CFP and Stryker:

Republicans denounced the ads — which are paid for by a Kalamazoo-based political action committee called the Coalition for Progress and whose scope is highly unusual for campaigns involving the Legislature — as lies.

The founder of the Coalition for Progress is Kalamazoo billionaire and political activist Jon Stryker, rated by Forbes magazine in 2005 as the third wealthiest person in Michigan with a net worth of $2.1 billion.

CFP is running a fiercely negative and deceptive advertising campaign that hides behind issues like Canadian trash, outsourcing, or immunity for pharmaceutical manufacturers. But Stryker's real objective is clear: advancing a pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, anti-family political agenda.Michigan is only the latest place where Stryker and his siblings have spent heavily to influence the elections.

Stryker and his sister, Patricia backed and funded liberal Colorado Democrat candidates, helping them take control of the Legislature for the first time in 42 years, and giving a green light to pursue his hidden agenda. And it's a scary hidden agenda, if you support traditional marriage, which the last time I checked, most of Michigan does.

Stryker is the founder, president and largest donor to the ARCUS Foundation, based in Michigan and New York and promotes acceptances of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender lifestyle.Over the years, ARCUS and Stryker have spent millions supporting benefits for same-sex couples, special rights to allow Gay couples to adopt, and efforts to get pro-homosexual courses included in elementary school curricula.

This year alone, Stryker has help fund a Colorado ballot initiative (Referendum I) that would give same-sex couples the same rights and privileges as married men and women. The Denver Post reported recently:

Meanwhile, Michigan architect and philanthropist Jon Stryker, brother of Fort Collins heiress Pat Stryker, contributed $250,000 last month to the gay-rights group Coloradans for Fairness - more than double the amount raised by the two groups opposing gay marriage and same-sex partnerships.

I hate to use a Star Wars analogy, but it fits here. With the Sith, there are always to, a master and an apprentice. The same is true for Jon Stryker. He seems to take his political nod from software entrepreneur Tim Gill, long a gay-rights advocate. Gill, angered that Colorado voters repealed special rights for homosexuals a decade ago, used his own wealth to form the Gill Foundation to advocate for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community and its causes. It has a $220 million endowment.Jon Stryker, in a Dec. 12, 2004, profile of Gill in the Denver Post, gave credit to the archetype for his on GLBT political efforts:

Tim is very much a role model for me," says Stryker. "When we created the Arcus Gay and Lesbian Fund, we modeled it on the Gay and Lesbian Fund of Colorado. Tim's idea of requiring organizations to have sexual orientation in nondiscrimination policies is something we've adopted, as well.

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