Monday, October 02, 2006

Democrats for Dick DeVos by Akindele Akinyemi

The Democrats for DeVos campaign is in full swing. It is exciting to see Democrats leaving the plantation for Dick DeVos.

There are billboards popping up across the city about Republicans for Granholm. This is no more than a desperate plea to distract Black people.

This confirms what I have been saying all along. Democrats, right under Granholm's nose, are helping Dick DeVos because Michigan needs a change. We need jobs and we need Jesus Christ today.

There are so many Democrats helping out at the Detroit Victory Center for DeVos it is ridiculous. They are so desperate to see Granholm that they have even urged me to keep the pressure on to recruit more Democrats for DeVos.

We are doing a damn good job in breaking Granholm' ass down. I know many Young Democrats here in Detroit, pro-union and pro-choice, that are SUPPORTING DeVos. These same young Democrats are working right up in the Michigan State Central Command on West Grand Blvd. and Woodward. I thank you for voting for DeVos and not Granholm. Continue to get paid from Granholm and vote for DeVos on November 7th.

There are so many young Democrats afraid that Granholm is not going to make it (don't worry she will not make it because it has been revealed to me in a prophetic dream that she lost the race). We know that you are afraid and I have been asking you to switch over to DeVos but some of you are nervous to switch over. Therefore, we have launched a full scale attack on Granholm's base. We now have Terri Lynn Land signs on Puritan and Greenlawn smack dead in the hood.

Dick DeVos is planning his final full scale attack on Granholm in the next several days. One Detroit has been on war mode since April and now will move into the final phase of attack these last days of the election.

We here at One Detroit have exposed Granholm for who she is. The Young Democrats cannot figure out how in the hell can a group of Black conservatives be so well organized. So well put together. We have been pounding the hell out of Granholm on jobs and education since Genesis 1:1. And each time she has proved our point of why she is an ineffective Governor. With DeVos is office we will be able to move on educational options in full force.

The Michigan Republicans Ethnic Outreach Program under the divine leadership of Ms. Carmen C. Hodge has done a tremendous and extraordinary job in getting the facts to our Black Democrats in Detroit who are now voting for DeVos. Functions have been packed. How come the Young Black Democrats will not at least come in and peek in what Young Black Republicans are doing? Perhaps they are afraid of what they might find out about the party they are so loyal to. Perhaps they might find out that the vertical joyride is over and they have been lied to all these years.

African Americans for DeVos has also been moving thanks to Ms. Yvette Robinson. The Democrats are volunteering for DeVos, and with my help I now have students directly from my class helping out with phone banking at the Detroit Victory Center. Students are volunteering because they are afraid of what may happen if Granholm is re-elected.

These two sisters alone has shifted the political debate here in Detroit. So why are the Young Democrats so afraid to dialogue with them? Is it because they do not have any answers?

Another group we have on the run are the Black grassroots Nationalists/Socialists. I have been exposing their lies right here on this blogspot. After living my life as a Black Nationalist and now as a true Black Conservative I can further DeVos's victory by exposing how these group of flip-floppers have no real agenda, no real cause and use lies and distortion (and sometimes extortion) to keep people in control. In fact, so many of them do not trust Granholm they are not voting in this upcoming election. Thank you brothers and sisters for making our job so much easier to get DeVos elected. Your apathetic excuses have just decimated Granholm to death. We also thank you for fighting amongst each other (Call em Out vs Detroit School Board vs City Council) because while you are fighting against each other we will slide DeVos right into office (under YOUR radar).

I conducted phone baking at the Detroit Victory Center last week and I have identified many Democrats right here in Detroit who are voting for Dick DeVos and the Republican Party. The Granholm base is falling apart and even though she will sound good on TV tonight she will not convince the voter that she has what it takes to win an election.

DeVos needs a small percentage out of Detroit to win. Under 10 percent to be exact. Out-county and out-state will handle itself for DeVos. There are so many Democrats that will be crossing over to vote for DeVos (including people on West Grand Blvd and Woodward) that it is not funny. Granholm has only kept it close thanks to her lies and deception on DeVos and China. Now, with the help of our friends at the print media those lies are being exposed as well.

The only thing that Granholm can now rely on is the Michigan Citizen to swing votes. Even the Michigan Chronicle has left Granholm in the dust. Print media across the state are supporting DeVos.

No one can stop us, refute us or challenge us at this point. We are rolling over Granholm supporters, busting caps in Mark Brewer's ass and the Granholm camp on West Grand Blvd and Woodward are terrified of how Black Conservatives are on one page here in Michigan. The Michigan Republicans are united and we are looking at a clean sweep in November.

While the Democrats are still fighting internally about the direction of the party we are pushing ahead. I know first hand that a large number of union people at the UAW, SEIU and ATU are voting for DeVos. DFT people are secretly voting for DeVos. MEA people are voting for DeVos. Young Democrats are voting for DeVos. Black Nationalists are voting for DeVos. Even the undecided will swing the vote for DeVos.

Damn it feels good to be on the winning team!!!!!!


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Anonymous said...

I work down here at the Granholm camp and man they are hating on you. But they are afrid that you are going to be right on the money.

I'm only doing this to put on my resume. I am voting for DeVos.