Tuesday, October 03, 2006

DeVos Left His Shoe In Granholm's Ass by Akindele Akinyemi

As we can see again and again that Dick DeVos easily put a dumping on Granholm's ass last night.

I was at the Detroit Victory Center watching the whole event. While we were watching DeVos kicking Granholm behind left and right I noticed how Granholm was off her square.

As a speech coach and professional motivational speaker I watch and view public debates differently than the pollsters and cheerleaders. I did not think that DeVos was going to be a spectacular speaker.

However, Granholm was not as charismatic as she usually is either. Where was that UC Berkeley actress or Harvard-trained lawyer at last night?

The reason why DeVos won that debate was because Granholm threw all types of mud in his face and he deflected the mud by answering questions intelligently. If I was DeVos I would have thrown in some statistics that would have rattled Granholm's foundation to the core.

For example, he should have pointed out how 96,000 jobs have been lost under Granholm's watch and when Granholm said 1,400 jobs were cut for Alticor DeVos should have corrected her on the spot and said 600 jobs were cut.

But DeVos stayed the course about jobs and the economy and he was right on point with that. While the unintelligent continues to bitch and complain about Amway DeVos stressed the point that he is a jobs maker and in all 83 counties in this state people want to work. Is Amway/Alticor all that bad? After all people are working in this company and people are making money.

All of this is a part of learning how to debate. We will see how DeVos and Granholm fare against each other in the upcoming debates.

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