Friday, October 06, 2006

Doomsday Scenario by Akindele Akinyemi

We are heading into the final stages of the election cycle here in Michigan. If Democrats seize control of the State House, State senate with Granholm re-elected we are looking at a serious doomsday scenario in Michigan.

Do you want Novi looking like Flint? Wixom looking like Saginaw? Farmington Hills looking like Highland Park? Grand Rapids looking like Detroit?

Then I advise you to vote Republican because those scenarios are very possible if Democrats control both chambers of state government.

A Granholm win would open up the doors of middle-class Blacks leaving the state in record numbers. Even people in her own camp have admitted this to me.

A Granholm means a educator's loss unless you are unionized by the teacher unions.

A Granholm win would shut the doors for educational choice in this state. The cap on charter schools would still be on tight and educational entrepreneurship will be thrown right out the window. Our children are depending on us to defeat Granholm in the upcoming elections.

A Granholm win means high taxes and higher insurance rates for the inner cities.

A Granholm win means an increase in crime in the inner cities and suburbs.

A Granholm win means the end of small Black owned businesses in Detroit.

A Granholm means 1.7 million jobs will be lost in the next 4 years.

A Granholm win means the end as we know it.

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