Friday, October 06, 2006

Famous Amos Is Being Played Like A Fiddle

LANSING- In a recent poll conducted for the Michigan Democratic Party by Lauer Research, results show that Amos Williams, the Democratic nominee for Attorney General, leads incumbent Republican Attorney General Mike Cox by a margin of 41% to 37% with 2% for minor party candidates and 20% undecided.

If you believe this bullshit I will stop writing. I found this on the Michigan Democrats website. Feel good rhetoric to give poor Famous Amos some positive self-esteem. It's a damn shame that the Michigan Democrats play on people's feelings by using race to divide people.

The Grand Kleagle of the Michigan Democrats, Mark Brewer, has said behind closed doors to some of my Michigan Young Democrat friends, that "Amos Williams is a weaker candidate in the whole bunch and a bulk of his votes will only come from Detroit."

Amos Williams do not stand a chance in hell against Mike Cox.

Here's a man who will be soft on crime in a city that is dominated by crime. He said he served in Vietnam. Well, Vietnam came home to Mack and Bewick.

Soft on gays and lesbians when they play an important role in the detriment of the destruction of Black families. They already have rights.

Soft on child support when Black men are dropping seeds inside women like bird shit.

We cannot give "Amos" any leeway in getting elected. At the same time I hope the Republican Party is not taking him lightly either. I'm not so that's why I am writing about him.

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SEIU for DeVos said...

Amos is being played in the democratic party in michigan. they are inflating his numbers out state and making itr seem it's going to be a close race.

MDP always take a token negro for granted.