Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Famous Quotes From Mr. A

"People are gay and lesbian because they sat down, watched a porno, touched each other parts and turned each other out."

"Gays and Lesbians do have rights. They have a right to get married to the opposite sex."

"We should abolish the Detroit School Board and regionalize the schools."

"Charter schools and vouchers will give us educators more choice to go into educational entrepreneurship."

"Did I stutter? I said we should privitize the water department, sell the buses and regionalize Detroit and Wayne County into one government."

"I do not have time for paranoid Black people and their boogeyman politics."

"Why should I vote for the party of my oppressor (Democrats)?"

"I think Dick DeVos should kick Granholm's ass all the way back to Canada for keeping people poor."

"People love to hate George W. Bush for Iraq. I hate Clinton for sitting on his freaky ass and not doing nothing about Rwanda."

"If you're single, get up off your ass and find a mate."

"Detroit will never go anywhere because we have a 6th grade education and can't read worth a damn."

"The Twilight Zone is living in poverty in Detroit."

"I live in New Jack City where my car insurance is like paying for a house note."

"I am going to enjoy watching the Michigan Republicans kick the Dems ass this year. I have my Jamaican Rum, chips and salsa out."

"Why should I go out and help change Detroit when most of these people cannot spell change in the first place?"

"Dick DeVos left his shoe up Granholm's ass during the debate."

"Is Granholm a pervert or something?"

"I think we should date outside our race. Dating inside our race is like the Shawshank Redemption."

"What's funny is that the only people the young Black Democrats can name as a young Black Republican is Robert Shumake and Akindele Akinyemi."

"Most Democrats do not believe in following the One True Living God. If they did they would not love living in poverty, embrace victimhood, racism, sexism, being uneducated and worship many idols next to the One True Living God."

"A Granholm win means the end of small Black owned businesses in Detroit."

"Again, how come the Michigan Young Democrats are working for a paycheck and are going to vote for DeVos in November?"

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