Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Gates of Hell Are Open

We are whipping Granholm ass all over Michigan. She wanted to open the gates of hell last night by trying to embarass DeVos on TV but we will have the last laugh on November 7th.

We will send her and the rest of those Democrats to hell for hurting our children by blocking educational choice.

She wanted a war and we will give her one that she will never forget. If I was her I would think twice before trying to embarass someone who have been creating jobs.

Read on......

Dick DeVos today provided the people of Michigan with disturbing facts about Governor Jennifer Granholm’s personal investment decisions. Additionally, he provided a clear response to the political fiction the Governor tried to create yesterday by bringing up the subject of Alterra in the first gubernatorial debate.

DeVos today provided the facts on his family’s investment in Alterra, not the Governor’s political fiction.

· Dick and Betsy DeVos had less than a 1 percent investment share in Alterra, 0.06 percent, to be precise.

· The 0.06 percent investment represented 10,000 shares.

· Contrary to the Governor’s lies, Dick and Betsy NEVER had a controlling interest in Alterra. Period.

Now, according to the Governor’s standard of political attacks, let’s look at the Governor’s investments. Under her watch and with her approval, Governor Granholm’s State of Michigan invested in Community Health Services and Health Management Associates. These companies have been documented to have engaged in the abuse and neglect of patients under their care. The investment in Community Health Systems represented 92,100 shares worth $3.485 million and the investment in Health Management Associates represented 532,000 shares worth $10.9 million.

Communications Director John Truscott noted: “Let's judge Granholm by the same standard she is suggesting Dick DeVos be judged. To do otherwise would be unjust.”

“This is extremely sad, disappointing, and unfortunate for the people of Michigan,” DeVos said. “Four years ago, the people of Michigan thought they elected a leader in Governor Granholm. Instead, they elected someone who has proven to the people that she will say anything and do anything to get re-elected, even if it means hiding her own record and trying to distort mine. The people of Michigan deserve better. The people of Michigan deserve a leader who will take responsibility, take charge and bring change to Michigan and I will be that leader.”

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