Monday, October 16, 2006

Granholm Is NOT Up By No Damn 49% by Akindele Akinyemi

The recent polls that were released yesterday in the Sunday Free Press are false. They have Granholm at 49% and DeVos at 41%. One station reported Granholm at 51% yesterday morning which I know is false. Those numbers were based on the first debate between Jennifer Granholm and Dick DeVos on Statewide TV in Michigan.

BOTH camps are reporting that the race is deadlocked at 47%.

Take a look at the following map:

Michigan currently is split into 11 Designated Market Areas for television. 7 of the markets are based from Michigan cities and 4 are from metro areas in other states.

The polls are based on ONE market and that is SE Michigan (actually the Wayne, Oakland and Macomb County area). Therefore when they say "statewide poll" they are talking about OUT-COUNTY.

I will give you an example. The television markets in Grand Rapids, Traverse City and Marquette have pulled the China ads from their networks. However, SE Michigan has not. This is because SE Michigan (especially the Detroit viewing area) lean Democratic.

Are you beginning to see how this works?

Do you think people NORTH of Saginaw are voting for Granholm? Get real. Do you think people west of Ann Arbor are voting for Granholm? Hell no.

People west of Wixom? Nope.

The point? Don't fall for the hype. The only numbers that will count is the ones on November 7th when you will go out and vote for DeVos.


Natasha Spence said...

Akindele is the Reformer of the Political spectrum of this day and time...LOL

What's up...I'm voting for DeVos.

akidnele akinyemi said...


Kweiku said...

I thought those numbers were fabricated. The MDP did the same thing with Amos Williams a few weeks ago.

kara said...

thanks akindele for pullling up the dress of Granholm's lies once again.

Gina Shaw said...

Akindele, who do you work for..the Feds? I would have never figured that one out.

akindele akinyemi said...

nope, just a researcher who reveals the truth to our people.