Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Granholm Is Saying Anything To Win

In Monday night's debate, Governor Granholm proved once again that the facts won’t stand in her way of defending the job-killing SBT.

The Governor made it a point to defend the SBT by saying: “Right now today the revenue that we take in from the SBT is the lowest its ever been and that tax has been around for 30 years.”
Well, that’s simply not true – and her own Treasury department confirms the facts:

SBT Revenue, by year (in millions)

2006 (forecast): $1,885

1992: $1,863
1991: $1,750
1990: $1,877
1988: $1,873
1987: $1,638
1986: $1,675
1985: $1,495
1984: $1,384
1983: $1,143
1982: $1,047
1981: $1,053
1980: $1,225

Maybe the Governor just doesn’t pay attention to her own Treasury reports?

Here’s the bottom line: Governor Granholm is trying to defend the SBT because she favors keeping it in place. After all, she vetoed the SBT elimination bill. Her “replacement plan” – The Michigan Jobs and Investment Act - is just a restructuring of the SBT. It keeps the nation’s worst job-killing tax in place!

The Governor should stop “going anywhere and doing anything” to defend the job-killing SBT.

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