Monday, October 16, 2006

Granholm Looked Like A Deer In Headlights by Akindele Akinyemi

I hope everone watched the final debate between Dick DeVos and Jennifer Granholm. It was wonderful to see Dick DeVos slam Granholm on Channel 7 tonight in front of a small audience and a statewide audience.

What got me though was how defensive Granholm was on TV tonight? I mean, whatever happened to that Harvard smooth operator? She opened up by saying how DeVos should not use dead children for political purposes in his ads.

But it was under her watch that the Department of Coorrections made mistakes in letting criminals go and now people are out here killing at will with innocent children.

But Granholm's statements on education were outrageous. For example she said:

The amount of money we are investing in K-12 levels is at a record high.

The facts:

As one of the first acts as governor, Granholm slashed K-12 funding by 3.8% (MIRS Capitol Capsule, 1/15/03).

According to annual “Smartest State” surveys from the Morgan Quinto Press, which measures and ranks K-12 education on 21 different factors, Michigan has dropped below seven other states since Jennifer Granholm became governor (

Before Jennifer Granholm took office in 2002, the percentage of Michigan high school graduates was 76.2% and had dropped to 74% (Urban Institute Educational Policy Center).

During Governor Granholm’s tenure Michigan students NAEP math and reading scores have dropped (National Center for Education Statistics, Nation’s Report Card, Taxpayers Network).

Class sizes under Governor Granholm’s watch have increased from 17.9 in 2002 to 18.5 in 2005 (Taxpayer Network Inc., 50 State Comparisons Editions 2002, 2005).

This year, average MEAP scores dropped in every subject except for social studies (Detroit Free Press, 7/15/06).

She also said something stupid like this:

We need to invest in our higher education. We need a $4,000 merit scholarship for every student.

But Jesus Christ revealed to us the following:

Governor Granholm has repeatedly called for an end of the MEAP competitive scholarship that gives each student who exceeds that state’s expectations on standardized tests $3,000 to go to college. (MIRS Capitol Capsule, 3/10/05)

Governor Granholm’s plan to eventually provide every college student in Michigan with $4,000 to attend a Michigan college or university continues to lack an explanation as to how the scholarships will be funded.

A study by the House Fiscal Agency determined that the governor’s plan would bankrupt the Merit Scholarship Program by Fiscal Year 2011. (MIRS Capitol Capsule, 1/30/06)

She also said the following during the debate:

She’s trying to double the number of college graduates

But the survey said:

Under Governor Granholm’s “leadership,” higher education funding in Michigan was slashed while tuition soared to unprecedented levels.

During Governor Granholm’s tenure, funding for all 15 of Michigan’s public universities has been cut. (House Fiscal Agency, 2006)

Governor Granholm cut by $150 million. (Higher Education Budgets, 2003-2006).

During Granholm’s tenure, Michigan colleges and universities increased tuition by nearly 50%. Last year alone, tuition in Michigan increased 12%, the third highest increase in the United States. (College Board, Trends in College Pricing 2005, 11/18/05; Detroit Free Press, 7/27/06).

All four of Governor Granholm’s proposed executive budgets tried to eliminate of the Tuition Assistance Program. The program provides scholarships for needy children to attend Michigan’s private colleges and universities (Detroit Free Press, 2/13/06).

Governor Granholm has repeatedly and consistently called for an end of the MEAP competitive scholarship that gives each student who exceeds that state’s expectations on standardized tests $3,000 to go to college. (MIRS Capitol Capsule, 3/10/05)

Overall hiring of college graduates in the State of Michigan will decrease by 43%. The rest of the country will see a 6% increase (Collegiate Employment Research Institute, 2005-2006 Recruiting Trends Survey).

And we cannot forget how Gov. Granholm loves to point fingers like the following below:

She inherited a $4 billion dollar budget.

The facts:

What the governor inherited was not a crisis. Previous governor’s have inherited similar deficits from their predecessors. The only crisis in Michigan is the one that has been created in Michigan’s economy since Jennifer Granholm has been governor!

No Such Deficit, In fact Increase:

Governor Jennifer Granholm inherited a $1.7 billion deficit when she took office, this is not at all unlike the deficit Governor John Engler inherited from former Governor and Granholm supporter Jim Blanchard who Granholm criticized of leaving the state with at $1.4 billion deficit (MIRS Capitol Capsule, 7/22/02 and 2/6/03).

Governor Granholm’s first proposed budget in FY 2002-03: $37,899,439,900 (Michigan House Fiscal Agency).

Governor Granholm’s most recent proposed budget in FY 2006-07: $41,882,523,900 (Michigan House Fiscal Agency).

$41.9 Billion (06-07) - $37.9 (02-03) Billion = $4.1 BILLION BUDGET INCREASE!

Constitutionally the Budget Must be Balanced:

“We are presenting a balanced budget as the constitution requires” (Granholm, Detroit News, 2/10/06).

Reports by the State Auditor General indicated that $140 million of waste was found in Michigan’s government, $55 million alone in Medicaid. More can be cut (State of Michigan Auditor General Reports, 10/04-6/06).

And last but not least:

She fought to create jobs here and diversify Michigan’s economy. She went to Asia and brought jobs back to Michigan.

The facts:

Despite what Governor Granholm has claimed about Dick DeVos, NOT ONE MICHIGAN JOB HAS BEEN OUTSOURCED TO CHINA, and the governor knows it! (Detroit News Columnist Nolan Finley, 4/2/06).

The jobs cuts at Alticor and the move to China were completely unrelated. (Detroit News Columnist Nolan Finley, 4/2/06).

NOT ONE single product that is produced in China is sold in the United States. Alticor’s China operations produce goods in China consumers in other Asian countries (Detroit News Columnist Daniel Howes, 8/21/05).

Alticor built a plant in China because Chinese law requires it (Detroit News Editorial, 5/17/06).

The workers that left Alticor were not put on the streets as Granholm and the MDP may have you think. Early retirements, buyouts and worker placements were all part of Alticor’s restructuring.

Throughout Alticor’s restructuring, NOT ONE manufacturing jobs was lost.

Only $100 million was invested during Dick DeVos’ tenure while the additional investment came in 2003, the year AFTER Dick DeVos stepped down as CEO in 2002 (Grand Rapids Business Journal, 10/27/03).

From 1995 to 2003, the same time period that Alticor invested $200 million in China, the company invested $700 million into its operations here in Michigan (Detroit News Columnist Daniel Howes, 9/8/06).

Other companies that have locations both here in Michigan and in China include such successful companies as:

1. American Axel
2. General Motors Corporation
3. Ford Motor Company
4. Compuware
5. Federal Mogul
6. Lear
7. Metaldyne
8. Delphi Corporation
9. Visteon Corporation
10. Daimler-Chrysler Corporation
11. First Auto Works

(Source: Detroit Free Press, 3/26/06)

Governor Granholm has awarded the companies listed above nearly $300 million in MEGA and Brownfield business incentives (State of Michigan MEGA Grant and Tax Credit recipients 2003-2006).

Chris Holman, the man Governor Jennifer Granholm appointed to be Michigan’s Small Business Czar is the owner of a company that has operations in China (MIRS Capitol Capsule, 5/19/06).

The State of Michigan’s Michigan Economic Development Corporation presently has operations in Shanghai, China (Crain’s Detroit Business, 6/7/04).

So it seems the governor does have a problem with Michigan companies investing in China- when it’s politically convenient.

Dick’s Record:

In the greater Grand Rapids area and anyone can see over 8,000 Michigan jobs that Dick DeVos’ leadership has created and protected.

Because of Alticor/Amway’s expansion into China, 400 Michigan jobs were created at the company’s headquarters in Michigan (Detroit News Editorial, 9/13/06).

As a result of Alticor’s re-organization, led by Dick DeVos, Alticor is enjoying the sixth consecutive year of growth (Alticor News Release, 11/2/05).

Recently, Granholm’s own Michigan Economic Development Corporation hailed Alticor in an advertisement as part of its “Upper Hand” campaign using the company as one example as a Michigan “start-up” company (

Granholm’s Michigan Economic Development Corporation identified Alticor as the second-largest employer in Kent County (Kent County Economic Profiler).

With 4,000 employees, Alticor/Amway remains one of Michigan’s and one of the world’s most competitive businesses (MEDC, Kent County Economic Profilers).

Dick DeVos’ efforts in turning the City of Grand Rapids around created thousands of jobs on various projects. Here’s the breakdown:

1. 555 jobs created from the Cherry Street Landing project.

2. 55 jobs created for full-time staffing of the Van Andel Arena and DeVos Convention Center.

3. 2,800 jobs created (Google X 2.8) from the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.

4. 650 jobs from Downtown Grand Rapids Bars and Restaurants.

Alticor’s restructuring and investment in China resulted in the creation of 400 Michigan jobs supporting operations in the world’s largest consumer market (Detroit News Editorial, 9/13/06).

So while Granholm was asking a question with a question to the people in the audience DeVos was answering the questions directly.

And what about Lindsey Mason III, the golfer who was the plant for the Kilpatrick team at Channel 7 studios? He asked about the revitalization of Detroit. Granholm's response was how she has a good relationship with Mayor Kilpatrick. We all know this is a total lie because she endorsed Freman Hendrix last year for Mayor and the same way she sold Mayor Kilpatrick up the river is the same exact way she sold Scott Bowen up the river for Famous Amos Williams for Attorney General.

But she will not take responsibility for this. She will blame it on Mark Brewer, who defended the Ku Klux Klan a while ago and is known for his racist acts in the Michigan Democratic Party.

Meanwhile DeVos would do the following:

As he did to help revitalize the City of Grand Rapids, Dick DeVos will bring Detroit and regional community leaders together to implement projects that will revitalize the city and region’s economy.

Dick DeVos understands that the key element to any vibrant community is an excellent education system. That’s why he has a plan to increase funding into the classrooms of all of Michigan’s public schools by $1.1 billion.

Even before he was thinking about running for governor, Dick DeVos, as Co-Chair of the Education Freedom Fund, helped to secure 8,000 scholarships to Detroit area students.

To protect the city’s most vulnerable citizens, Dick DeVos has called for state income tax exemptions for all families making less that $14,000 a year.

Dick DeVos realizes that home and auto insurance rates in Detroit are amongst the highest in the country. As governor, he will adopt policies that will promote competition among insurance providers and drive down the cost of insurance for Detroit residents.

Currently Michigan has 1,500 fewer police officers on the street than it did on September 11, 2001. As governor, Dick DeVos will enact policies to reverse that trend and has even earned the endorsement of the Police Officers Association of Michigan.

As governor, Dick DeVos will make removing obstacles to Detroit’s economic development a top priority. By working to overhaul Michigan’s tax structure, Dick DeVos will make the state friendlier to Detroit’s businesses and residents.

If Black people in this city still want to vote forGranholm, even though people are not eating, poverty is high and education is so far in the toliet that we cannot see it anymore, after reading and watching the deabte then we deserve to go to hell. Period.


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