Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Granholm Must Have A Stick Up Her Fanny

From The Detroit Free Press this morning:

DeVos said that, despite leading a failed ballot proposal to allow school vouchers in 2004, he would "not bring vouchers to Michigan under any other name," and would be a strong supporter of public schools. He added that parents should have more choice over where they send their children to school.

Granholm said DeVos had an "under the radar" plan to bring back the voucher plan.

If there are ANY people out there who calls themselves conservative and Democrat this is the time to redeem yourself. Jesus will love you even more if you help us fight this issue head on.

Cna someone please explain to YOUR Governor how parents were left in the dark when the teachers in the Detroit Public Schools were on strike? In other words, charters were filled to capacity, and parents can only go so far in taking their children to school outside Detroit. Therefore, parents either homeschooled their children or did not send their children to ANY educational environment for 16 DAYS!!!!!

We need educational options by raising the cap on charter schools NOW!!!!! We can no longer play with our children. Educational Entrepreneurship is the way of the future. Period.

This, alone, should be the FUNDAMENTAL reason of why DeVos should be the next Governor of the State of Michigan. If you don't like DeVos as a person, fine, but understand the fact that this man will fight for more choice for children and parents if elected Governor.

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