Monday, October 02, 2006

Granholm's Debate Failure by Akindele Akinyemi

Did you see the way Dick DeVos just whipped Granholm's ass on Statewide Television?

WJR is reporting that a whopping 61% thought Dick DeVos won the debate compared to 39% for Granholm.

The Detroit News is reporting an even higher number for DeVos at 84% compared to 16% for Granholm.

I must admit both were nervous but we did not see that Harvard-bred attorney come out of Granholm tonight. Instead we saw Freman Hendrix come out of Granholm tonight instead of the former Attorney General.

For all of you who thought DeVos did a horrible job think again. This man went tit-for-tat against Granholm.

Granholm said she has set in motion a massive jobs program. Where is this program? And who is she talking to?

When Granholm says she went over to Asia to get engineering manufacturing jobs to bring to Michigan who was she talking to? She is not talking to African Americans because most of us are not even going to college to begin with. She is talking to the new wave of immigrants to enter Michigan.

The Asian population.

China (who she bashes against DeVos) produces 325,000 Ph.D's in engineering a year compared to 70,000 Ph.D here in the United States. So again, who is she talking to?

This massive jobs plan that she is talking about has nothing to do with Black people in Detroit or anywhere in Michigan. Let's see if the Michigan Citizen picks up on this. I know the Young Democrats did not pick up on it because they are looking at Granholm for popularity and not the facts.

DeVos' take on his company: "I took out company to an international market...this is a Michigan company positioning itself in the Chinese market."

Is this a crime? I mean hell, GM , Ford, Daimler Chrysler, American Axle, Lear Corporation all invest in China but are Michigan-based companies. And everyone in that Granholm camp on West Grand Blvd and Woodward know that this is a piss-poor point for the Governor to bring out.

Granholm also mentioned how she wants to keep government out of the bedroom. You know she is lying through her teeth on this because it is a well known fact that she's managed to poke government's ugly self into other private activities. Like the smoking room (raising tobacco taxes that hammer the poor more than anyone else).

And what about Granholm's cheap shot (because she ran out of ideas) on challenging DeVos on a nursing home investment that DeVos made in the past. I kept asking myself what the hell does that have to do with me graduating in December with a Masters degree in Education?

Granholm again pitched her proposal for the Single Business Tax. It's a sleeper for most people however, the SBT is already toast, thanks to L. Brooks Patterson. The next governor ought to keep business taxes low. DeVos is expected to cut it about 50 percent, which would give more money to business, which provides the jobs in the first place.

2 points for DeVos. No points for Granholm as I watch her Democratic base here in Detroit go to hell in a handbasket thanks to failing public schools that she is always ducking, an eroded tax base and people leaving Detroit daily.

But what we do know is Granholm is going to continue to pound DeVos for being a businessman.
As if being a businessman were an automatic downside. Actually, Michigan needs more entrepreneurs. I thought this was what Africa Town was all about here in Detroit? I thought Asian Town was all about entrepreneurship in Detroit? I thought the purpose of the International Detroit Black Expo was to bring small Black owned businesses together for a purpose.

The Democrats are dogging DeVos because of Amway. Would they dog the founder of Primerica or Melalucca because people are seeking prosperity? The only scam is the Michigan Democrats who are supporting a Governor who does not support educational options and will cater to larger government to please these unions that hate change.

So why is Granholm against this concept?

For a first time debater on Statewide TV DeVos did not do such a bad job after all.

And he will not do a bad job when elected Governor.

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