Friday, October 20, 2006

Granholm's Demise Is So Close You Can Taste Victory

I am telling ALL of our One Detroit supporters and network to just hang on 18 more days. We are preparing to win a major race right here in the State of Michigan.

After months of slander, name calling, and deception on our fellow network members who have stomped their asses off for DeVos you are getting ready to cash in that bounced check that has been bouncing for the last four years under Granholm.

The end is near and it's great to see change in Michigan.

One Detroit have never conducted such a strong, concentrated effort to get a Republican candidate in for office. This has been the most intense effort ever from us.

We had to work overtime to get Bert Johnson elected and we did that with slander riding our backs.

We had to work overtime to get Shanelle Jackson elected and we did that with negativity riding our backs.

We supported and defended Tupac Hunter when his opposition called us traitors and should be removed. He won anyway.

When Kimberly Hill was expected to come in next to last during her run for State Representative we went to work for her. Kimberly Hill came in a STRONG fourth facing insurmountable odds and we did this with great sacrifice. In fact, I walked with Kimberly daily and religiously, working extra hard on her behalf.

When Alison Vaughn was projected not to crack 1000 votes against Irma Clark Coleman we went to work for her. She ended up in second instead of last.

And now it's time for go to work for Dick DeVos.

One Detroit have been in this man's corner since inception. We know his work. We know his record. And most importantly, we know how he can change Michigan around.

The pressure is enourmous and there have been great sacrifices. Many bridges have been burned to the ground. Tales have been twisted. Slander has stepped up to the extent of where people have even threatened to sue. Every Black Nationalist and Socialist have called me every single name out of the Devil's mouth. Churches have turned their backs on opportunity. The Granholm camp thinks we are out of touch and out of the box.

The pressure is great but we have hung in there. Some made it this far and some didn't.

But we have held our ground and I thank you for your sacrifices. Campaigning is not an easy task. Just ask my sisters at the Detroit Victory Center. I have never seen women work so hard in my life in this game. They have hung in there.

Their hard work will pay off on November 7th. Guaranteed.

The next 18 days we need to step up our efforts. It's not going to be easy. However, the change we need is coming faster than expected.

Take a look at this for example:

58% of the State of Michigan disapproves Granholm's performace as Governor.

You are starting to see this across the State of Michigan. We are winning the war on life here in Michigan.

You're starting to see this as well. DeVos trucks popping up everywhere. DeVos signs have covered the City of Detroit along with Terri Lynn Land signs in the deepest part of the hood.

High School students are on board with DeVos. College students are on board with DeVos. Senior citizens are on board with DeVos. Miniorities are on board with DeVos.

Even Mike Bouchard is down a mere 4% against Stabenow. He has closed this gap quick with 18 days left. If people would be able to see those debates on network TV against Stabenow his numbers would increase dramatically.

Hang on, Granholm is damn near finished and so is Stabenow.

It's time to start running their asses over these last 18 days.

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