Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Granholm's Ridiculous Position on Education

Education is at its highest level of funding ever according to Governor Granholm.

The facts:

K-12: Michigan must do a better job of educating its children, ensuring that they receive the skills they need. However, with only 57 cents of every dollar making it to the classroom, Michigan’s children are falling behind. Under the current administration, Michigan is lagging behind the rest of the nation – and the world.

· According to annual “Smartest State” surveys from the Morgan Quinto Press, which measures and ranks K-12 education on 21 different factors, Michigan has dropped below seven other states since Jennifer Granholm became Governor.

· Additionally, before Jennifer Granholm took office in 2002, the percentage of Michigan high school graduates was 76.2% and had dropped to 74%. (Urban Institute Educational Policy Center)

· The governor has continuously mentioned the success of the new high school curriculum standards. But it is debatable how much credit she deserves for it’s passage beyond signing it into law. The majority of the leg work on this proposal was done by Michigan Superintendent Mike Flannigan and Republican legislative leaders on education topics (Rep. Brian Palmer, Sen. Wayne Kuipers, Sen. Ken Sikkema, Rep. Craig DeRoche). Even MIRS Capitol Capsule eluded to this in their March 20, 2006 edition putting the words “her proposal” in quotations.

· During Governor Granholm’s administration Michigan students NAEP math and reading scores have dropped. (National Center for Education Statistics, Nation’s Report Card, Taxpayers Network)

· During Governor Granholm’s administration Michigan students MEAP math and science scores have dropped. (Michigan Department of Education, 7/1/05)

· Only 32% of Michigan high school students graduate with college ready transcripts. (Austin et al, Background Briefing for Higher Education and Economic Growth Commission, 2004)

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