Friday, October 13, 2006

Lifeskills Students For DeVos by Akindele Akinyemi

We all know for a fact that the Black grassroots community cannot turn out the vote for Jennifer Granholm in November because they possess a weak infrastructure and put fear and intimidation on people's minds and hearts.

Most of them will not vote to begin with but will tell others how our ancestors fought for the right to vote.

Meanwhile, high school students at Lifeskills Centers of Detroit are casting their vote for Dick DeVos because they want to stay here in Michigan. They don't care about cool cities, Toyota and GM. They care about education, wealth creation and building families in the Black community. While Granholm has promised to help the Black community in Detroit these same students have lost a loved one to gunfire, jail or health concerns. Most of these students come from backgrounds so impoverished that their families cannot afford health care and most of their family members cannot read at grade level.

They are so serious about DeVos being elected that they have been going over to the Detroit Victory Center every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday to help out with phone banking, literature drops and other things to ensure victory in November for DeVos. These students need DeVos to win big in November.

These students from the Lifeskills Centers are voting for the first time and they are going with DeVos because they can see up and close how the Democratic Party has gutted Detroit. Most of them live in impoverished neighborhoods and see first hand how their parents are living paycheck to paycheck. They complain daily about how Granholm is a horrible governor and has left Detroit in the dust. They fear if Granholm is re-elected they might end up going to school outstate and never coming back to Michigan.

But they do not want to leave the state. Therefore, they understand that Michigan needs a change.

That change will come from DeVos and not Granholm.

The students do not like Granholm because of her flashy, over dramatic presentations. They can see how shallow she is on the issues like education and jobs. In fact, one student said to me personally that Dick DeVos brings the most comprehensive plan to the table while Granholm is begging for another term.

Another student said DeVos is right on the money when it comes to education while Granholm has destroyed public education in Michigan.

We should give kudos as a team for Lifeskills students coming out to stomp on behalf of not just the DeVos camp but for the Michigan Republicans. These students are doing the right thing.


Anonymous said...

You must have a pool cue stick stuck up your fanny.

Don't push your luck.
You could be SUED IN A COURT OF LAW.

akindele akinyemi said...

i doubt it.First amendment rights buddy.