Monday, October 16, 2006

The Michigan Democrats Have No Answer To DeVos by Akindele Akinyemi

Since the Michigan Democratic Party and the Granholm Team have no clue of why DeVos pounded the Governor tonight why don't they read some of my talking points.

First, Gov. Granholm wants to tax Michigan families on Canadians dumping trash in Michigan. More taxes that we cannot afford. Hell, we can barely eat.

Next, Granholm blamed Engler for tuition increases in Michigan. Tuition was increased by 50% under Granholm's watch.

She dodged the question on Prop 5. This is a proposition to increase more money for K-12 education by the teacher unions. Not one dime will go into the classrooms. DeVos is against this.

She supports a ban on smoking. More bureaucracy.

When the lady with the husband and children talked about her small business DeVos made her feel right at home. Granholm, on the other hand, never got around to answering her question but ask her 50 million damn questions about her personal life.

Granholm bragged about her same old 21st Century Jobs Fund like she did in 2002. Meanwhile, 109,000 jobs have been lost since 2002. So why bring up something that does not work? Because there is no 21st century jobs fund. It's made up like the 5-year plan the Nation of Islam talks about annually.

Granholm twice brought out the point that DeVos supports vouchers and is funneling money in 7 other states for vouchers. This is how I know her ass need to go home. Since her constituency are Black people in Detroit if she would stop listening to racist union people like Mark Brewer, who defended the Ku Klux Klan a while back, she would find that over 60% support educational options including vouchers as opposed to sending their children to Detroit Public Schools in 2006.

What a desperate argument that hold no water for a woman who is piss poor on educational policies.

Dick DeVos was on point when he pointed out how jobs have been created everywhere else except Michigan. Not one precinct delegate in Detroit, State Representative, State Senator or County Commissioner can explain to me in full detail of why we are loosing jobs in Michigan other than the sound bites they are hearing from Granholm and the rest of those jokers in the Michigan Democratic Party.

If they say outsourcing that is NOT because of DeVos. If they say trade policies then you can easily point their asses to NAFTA and that was signed by Bill Clinton.

If they say the automotive industry is on the decline and that is due to Bush then they are fabricating this because what about OTHER small businesses in Detroit that had to close because of (1) raising the minimum wage on October 1, 2006 and (2) weird tax policies that Gov. Granholm do not want to get rid of.

Michigan is sinking fast and Detroit is underwater. DeVos tonight clearly set the tone for victory. Even Democrats I know who was going to vote for Granholm have switched their votes for DeVos. They were impressed. Young Dems have called me to say that DeVos did a good job. Union people e-mailed me and said they were voting for DeVos.

It's a fact that young Black professionals do not want to leave this state and if we re-elect Granholm again not only they will leave the state but we also deserve to go to hell.


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