Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Michigan Young Democrats Are Part Of The DeVos Team by Akindele Akinyemi

I would like to thank the Democrats for DeVos team for helping with the DeVos camp. It's wonderful when you have people working on behalf of change in the State of Michigan.

This includes the Young Democrats here in Detroit who is posing to work for Granholm but will be voting for DeVos because they too want to see more educational options in Detroit. They also want more business tax breaks and want to compete globally.

These are the same Young Democrats who want to be liberal on policies as it affects Detroit but go to the most conservative churches in the country. I know for a fact that there are young Democrats here in the Granholm camp (and Stabenow camp) that identify themselves as Democrats but are Republicans in the closet and that is perfectly fine because the way BOTH your Governor made an ass out of herself on Statewide TV last night and the way Stabenow keeps ducking debates with Bouchard will help our cause.

How can ANY Young Democrat working on the Granholm camp calls themselves liberal when they go to a church like Word of Faith or Life Changers and do not even believe in the same thing as the Governor? Most of these same exact people who are working faithfully to help the Governor win re-election do not believe in abortion, same sex marriages or relationships, stem cell research, believe in educational options, a free market enterprise and lower taxes. This is the opposite of what Granholm believes. In fact, while the Governor continues to block the expansion of charter schools these SAME EXACT young Democrats want more charters in their community.

The reason? Most of these young adults in the Midtown Young Democrats, NAACP, Michigan Young Democrats or the Granholm Team are traditional Democrats because their parents were Democrats. 95% of these young adults do not know what a Democrat is let alone a Republican. They never took the time to research their political history and political culture as it relates to Black people in Detroit. They listen to the most liberal preachers in the community and never question them. They also listen to loose cannons like JoAnn Watson and other so-called Black grassroots people who keep our young people in fear and paranoia and have them embracing socialist concepts that has destroyed the Black community.

That's why these same young adults have a hard time understanding Black Republicans in general. Its' a foreign concept to them because no one has told them the truth.

I thank you for working on the Governor's campaign and voting DeVos. Thank you for helping our cause. Together we can make Michigan a better place to live for our familes and children.

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