Saturday, October 28, 2006

More on Jon Stryker: King of the Homosexual Community in Michigan

A highly secretive political committee called the Coalition for Progress is spending millions of dollars to defeat Republican candidates who support strong traditional values. The Coalition’s main benefactor appears to be Jon Stryker, one of the 400 richest men in America. His family fortune is poised to forever change the political landscape in Michigan like they did in Colorado. So far, the Stryker family has pumped in more than $5 million for this purpose. If they are successful, conservative values that many have fought so dearly for could become a thing of the past.

Inaccurate commercials are already pounding away against conservatives and misrepresenting legislative votes on issues like Canadian trash, drug company liability and the minimum wage. But this is all just a smokescreen for Stryker’s hidden agenda.

Don’t be deceived. The Stryker fortune has been supporting an agenda very different than what is talked about in their negative campaign commercials. Consider what the Stryker family fortune has been used to support:

• Challenges to “abstinence until marriage” sex education;
• Gay adoption rights;
• Challenges to state laws preserving traditional marriage;
• Creation of homosexual diversity courses in our public schools;
• Establishment of domestic partner benefits for gay and lesbian couples;
• Abortion rights.

We must take this threat seriously! If we stand idly by, we may let all we have worked so hard to achieve slip away forever.

Ask yourself, wh would Granholm accept ANYTHING from this man if she is really a Catholic?

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