Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Murray-Wright High School For DeVos by Akindele Akinyemi

I just spoke at Detroit Murray-Wright High School this morning to several groups of seniors who will either be going to the polls for the first time or supporting a candidate of their choice.

At first, they wanted to support this woman:

They felt that she was the best choice for Detroit. This is because their parents have been talking about how they were going to support Jennifer Granholm for Governor.

First, I had to give a side by side parallel on what the Democratic and Republican Parties are about and how Black people were first Republicans and then Democrats. No one, I repeat, no one in the classroom has even heard of a Black Republican before. They did not know that Black people used to be Republicans.

They had no clue how Franklin Roosevelt supported lynching in the South.

They did not know that Denzel Washington, Jimmie Walker and Martin Luther King Jr. Belong to the Republicans.

They did not even know how Jennifer Granholm has increased funding for education ON behalf of the teacher unions and not them as students!!!!

By the time I got down to this man:

They wanted to know more about Dick DeVos. They have been watching the commercials but did not understand what was going on with China.

I explained to the students that Dick DeVos never sent one job from Michigan to China. I also explained how other Michigan companies invested in China including General Motors and Ford Motor Company.

They wanted to hear what Dick DeVos has done for Detroit so far. I went on to explain to them the following:

Supports Black Owned Businesses In Detroit.
The DeVos Foundation Has Given Millions of Dollars In Scholarships For Black Families.
DeVos Has Shown African Americans How To Generate Wealth Creation.
Not One Job Was Lost To China.
DeVos Has Built Businesses Right Here in Michigan.
Educational Friendly To The Black Community.

By the time I was done with my presentation students wanted to know more about Dick DeVos and the females in the classroom felt that Granholm had betrayed them because they used to look up to her. The feamles could not believe that Granholm supports abortion and gay marriage and therefore called her a true bitch and would not support her in the upcoming election.

They will support Dick DeVos and promised to take the information home to their parents.

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