Friday, October 06, 2006

Not Taking Detroit For Granted by Yvette Robinson

Things are so exciting here in Detroit! I am more amazed by the amount of openness and support that we are receiving on a daily basis in the city. This week alone was full of the most unexpected encouragement and endorsements.

Earlier this week I was in the store wearing my DeVos for Governor gear and two gentlemen stopped me with questions about Dick DeVos. They were open and after a long in depth conversation they decided they would consider voting for DeVos and even stopped by our office to get some more information they could share with others.

Then, after an event with Dick the other day, a young African American Detroit man said to him, "Mr. DeVos I am a homeowner in Detroit and I want to thank you for being the only campaign to actively seek my vote and for not taking it for granted."

In addition, we've had more and more people stopping in our office, asking why they should vote for Dick DeVos. This always leads to a great conversation. Detroiters are listening, looking and seeking answers - answers that lead them to DeVos!

And for me, the most exciting thing to watch is the number of young high school students that have joined the Detroit Volunteers Team. These are young African American high school seniors who will be voting for the first time and they've decided that Dick DeVos is the one they want to cast their first vote for Governor. They are concerned about their options to stay here in Michigan once they finish college and realize that Dick DeVos has the plan that will create an environment where they can choose to stay in Michigan.

Dick DeVos is working hard getting to know the people in Detroit and listening to their needs. He won't forget about us and Detroiters believe that he is a man of his word. Things are happening in Detroit and more and more residents are seeing that Dick DeVos is the change we need for our city and our state.

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