Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Oakland Press endorses DeVos

Oakland Press endorses Dick DeVos for governor: "it's time to pull Granholm and go with a solid relief pitcher in DeVos."

From The Oakland Press

The campaigns of Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm and Republican challenger Dick DeVos certainly have been filled with finger-pointing on both sides.

Granholm has accused DeVos of being part of the economic problem in Michigan by sending jobs to China. The fact is, he helped keep jobs in Michigan, but to do so also had to create a few in that booming country, too.

Meanwhile, DeVos has criticized Granholm for not keeping her promises - such as smaller classroom sizes and helping diversify Michigan's economy. Looking at the big picture, you have to concede that Granholm has had major stumbling blocks in her path, from the decline of the major automakers to a hostile, Republican-controlled state Legislature.

However, when you take a closer look at both candidates, DeVos' business acumen clearly sets him apart from Granholm.

True, the governor has outlined much of what she would like to do in a booklet entitled, "Jobs Today, Jobs Tomorrow." The publication is her vision on how to straighten out Michigan's economy.

DeVos, likewise, has his booklet, "The Michigan Turnaround Plan," which details job creation, overhauling state government and selling Michigan-made products through out the world.

DeVos has more to his credentials. He has steered a major business through troubled waters and left it and jobs in Michigan intact.

Also, consider what he did for Grand Rapids. When he saw his hometown struggling, he brought community leaders together to make a change. They led the construction of a new arena and convention center downtown. Today, downtown Grand Rapids is one of the hottest communities in Michigan.

Granholm has worked hard to fulfill her promises. She deserves credit for keeping her poise and standing firm in the face of political obstacles.

She has a charm and grace that is a credit to her role as governor and to the state of Michigan.

By the same token, DeVos' ability to run a major corporation is proven. If anyone should know how to turn around Michigan's economy, he should. Given that he is making money in Michigan, DeVos must also be given credit for his business commitment to the state. Add Oakland County Clerk Ruth Johnson to the mix as DeVos' running mate and you have a quality duo running for the top state posts.

Although each candidate has strengths and weaknesses, in the final analysis, it comes down to a rather simple conclusion.

Granholm has had four years to turn around the state's economy - the worst in the nation. For whatever the reasons, she hasn't done so.

It's time to let someone else - an expert in business, among other things - to take a shot at it.

In baseball, when a starting pitcher gets pulled in the seventh inning, it's not necessarily because he has done a poor job. It's just that he's done all he can do and it's time for a fresh hurler.

Figuratively speaking, it's time to pull Granholm and go with a solid relief pitcher in DeVos.

The Oakland Press endorses Dick DeVos for governor.

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