Thursday, October 05, 2006

The REAL Community Stands Up and Tell The Truth

A testimony from a Michigan Young Dem:

Hi Akindele. My name is Wesley Smith and I am Michigan Young Dem but plan on voting for Dick DeVos. I have been reading your blog and you have enlightened me about Jennifer Granholm. I plan to vote for DeVos because I am so disappointed about the performance of Gov. Granholm.

Sir, I am feeling you about raising the cap on charter schools. I am currently going to school for education and I strongly feel there is a need for educational choices here in Michigan. Gov. Granholm do not feel that charters are the answer. Instead, she continues to support dismal public schools like the Detroit Public Schools that are failing.

But the main reason why I am supporting Dick DeVos for Governor as a Democrat is because my mother work in the mental health care system. She is working 60 hours a week without overtime and she feels that the Governor has not done enough to help those in the mental health care system. She has written to the Governor several times and has not heard a response. She is a bleeding Democrat but will vote for Dick DeVos as well in November.

She is so frustrated with the mental health care that she wants to quit. However, she cannot find a job outside of this health care system that is damaging to both the workers and patients.

I am e-mailing you this to post on your blog because I am like Dick DeVos, Michigan needs a change. I am encouraging those at my school to vote for Dick DeVos. We are a group of Michigan Young Dems who want to vote for DeVos because we feel that Granholm is no longer up to the job.

Another testimony comes from Ashley Jackson, a 12th grader at Detroit Cooley High School:

Dear Mr. A:

My name is Ashley Jackson and I was referred to your website by our teacher. I am a Democrat voting for Dick DeVos because Jennifer Granholm cannot produce jobs in Detroit. I am afraid that I will go to college and graduate and not find a job anywhere in Detroit. My mother has been laid off since 2005. My father is working two jobs just to keep food on the table.

I saw you on Local 4 News last month standing next to Dick DeVos. I asked myself why would a Black man stand next to Dick DeVos with a t-shirt saying I am a Black Republican? Our history teacher then explained to us how Blacks used to be in the Republican Party. I did not know that Martin Luther King or Frederick Douglass was a Black Republican.

I read your site daily and I find it to be funny and enlightening. I used to be in the NAACP and Michigan Young Dems but after reading your site I am now a proud Black Republican who will be voting for Dick DeVos in November. Thank you Mr. A.

Another Testimony from Tomeka Williams, a 41-year old Sales Rep in Bloomfield Hills:

This year will be my first time voting Republican. I am so disgusted with the Democratic Party in Michigan. I have given money and volunteered my time for Democratic causes, yet, I feel that they are taken Black people for granted.

I have been reading your blog for three months and you give a deep insight on what is going on politically in Detroit and Michigan. I have read your commentaries on Jennifer Granholm and Dick DeVos. I think you are right on the money with Dick DeVos as far as giving Blacks an opportunity to build more small businesses in the City of Detroit.

Mr. Akinyemi, I have a cousin who works for Alticor in Grand Rapids and she is pissed off at Jennifer Granholm for lying about how many jobs that were cut from Alticor. Her job was not cut and she said DeVos led the way in restructuring Alticor. Meanwhile, the Governor is in bed with Mike Duggan as far as those layoffs from DMC. But I do not see anyone talking about that in Detroit. Our people are always forgetting what the Democrats have done but can remember everything about a Republican.

Keep up the good work my brother and God bless you.

Another testament from a former MYD:


My name is Davis Johnson and I am a former Michigan Young Democrat and former Granholm supporter. I plan on supporting Dick DeVos this November because the SBT has hurt my business tremendously. I was against the minimum wage increase because I now have to pay my workers more money and with the state economy on the downturn thanks to Jennifer Granholm's ineffective leadership we are struggling.

I saw you on TV with Dick DeVos. You represent leadership that is unimaginable. It takes a lot of guts to get in front of the camera and support DeVos.

Jennifer Granholm has done NOTHING for Black people in Detroit. She came to my church and promised to help Detroit. After four years with no results she is pointing the finger at Engler and Bush. She even supported Freman Hendrix but now need the Mayor Kilpatrick support.

I hope and pray that DeVos wins in November. Detroit needs him and we need him.

Another testimony comes from a Michigan Young Democrat who is currently working on the Granholm camp:

Brother Akindele, I hope you are publishing my comments on basis of anonymity because I do not want to get let go from this job.

I am working on the Granholm camp here in Detroit. This s*** is a zoo down here. They are working us to death, however, I need to work because I have to feed my child. Man, Granholm does not stand a chance in hell against Dick DeVos. In fact, there are so many of us working on this camp because we need either to get paid, need volunteer hours or whatever. I

I'm working this camp because I need the experience. I cannot stand Granholm, she is such an lying ass. When we talked at the kick-off celebration with Granholm you warned me about how Granholm was going to loose at the end. My parents are upset with Granholm and I can tell you fist hand how so many of us are voting for DeVos in November because we are looking into starting our own businesses and we feel that DeVos is the best candidate for this position.

The Michigan Young Democrats as well as some Granholm supporters are voting for Dick DeVos in November. Granholm has lied about a whole lot of stuff that she was going to do for Detroit. She has not done s***. So we are just helping out for experience.

They talk about your blog like a dog here at the camp. They think you are dellusional, yet, some are afraid that your comments will come into fruition if DeVos wins. We have been told not to even respond to your comments, however, I felt that I had to e-mail you because you and your friends at the DeVos camp need to know how weak the Michigan Democrats are right now. Your blog has caused back-door debates. I know there are many HERE who have been taking about confronting you face on about your comments. The sisters and brothers here are nervous about what you have been saying. However, some of them think you are just out the door and feel that you are on the DeVos payroll.

You are on the right track and if anything is coming down the pipe I will let you know.

Next letter:

Brother Akindele:

My name is Kojo Omodele and I am a Pan-African brother who has been in the struggle since 1979. I am a member of Fellowship Chapel and a former member of the Shrine of the Black Madonna.

I remember meeting you when you were on the Black Slate Radio Show on WHPR FM 88.1 on Thursdays following Malik Shabazz and now I see you are a Black Republican. I read your blog daily and even though I do not always agree with you you are a sharp educator whose finger is on the trigger.

You're not a member of the Shrine or Black Slate anymore? I wonder why? Is it because you are voting for Dick DeVos for governor? Well, my brother, I am too.

I used to own a small business near Wayne State's campus and I had to shut down because the taxes were killing me. It was the Black Nationalist community that helped Jennifer Granholm become Michigan's first female Governor. However, after four years she has not fought against high tax increases and poor education. One thing I feel that Black Nationalists should jump on board with is raising the cap of charter schools so that we can teach an Afrikan Centered curriculum to or children like Nsoroma Institute and Aisha Shule. Granholm is against this concept and only is a prostitute to the Detroit Federation of Teachers.

So I am with you on this. We do need educational reform.

DeVos is also for expanding business opportunities with Black businesses across Michigan. When I asked him about Africa Town he was in full support of it. He is in full support of African imports and exports.

I have been reading your blog and I hate that other pseudo-Nationalists like freeman calls you a "coopted puppet" when in fact he is a puppet to the Democratic party. When you were in the Shrine you were a true Black Christian Nationalist. I was at the church when you preached about personal responsibility.

I am voting for Dick DeVos in November because of what he could do for the Black community. Detroit has been under Democratic control for over 30 years and while we preach about Kujichagulia (Self-Determination) the Democrats have not done anything to help our cause.

Pamoja Tutashinda (Together we will win)



Hey Akindele, this is Sandra from Flint:

Hey you are so right about why we need Dick DeVos for Governor. Scamholm has lied about DeVos's record on China, Alterra and other investment this man has made. You know I am with Quixtar and I have been doing very well in the business since 2004.

You know I am a Democrat but not only I am voting for DeVos but Michael Bouchard for U.S. Senate as well. My mother is upset of the fact that I am working on the DeVos camp by passing out literature as well as encouraging others to vote for him because she wants me to support Scamholm. However, I feel that the Democratic Party has let our people down here in Flint and the Bay Area and it's time fro a change.

Keep writing those blogs. You are truly a warrior.

Dear Mr. A:

I am a 32 year old mother of two who has been laid off since 2004. Jobs are scarce and even though I like Granholm I am voting for DeVos because he is a jobs maker. I tried to work on the Granholm camp but your blogs kept striking a nerve in me as well as making me feel very bad for working on the Granholm camp. After looking at the debates on Monday night and saw how rude Granholm was to DeVos I am not voting for Dick DeVos. He brings the best plan to Michigan unlike Granholm who points her fingers at everyone for Michigan's failures.

I would like to ask you a question. Is it true that you were once a Democrat yourself and if so did you vote for John Kerry or George Bush in the last election? People in the community would like to know that.

Thank you for telling it like it is.

-Andrea Simmons

Yes, I was a Michigan Young Democrat myself until 2005 when I saw the overwhelming support for Mayor Kilpatrick. That's when I became a Republican. I did vote for John Kerry and the whole Democratic ticket.

There you have it for yourself. I am not alone in this battle.


Reggie Harris said...

People need to stop hating on Brother Akindele and what he stands for. This man is telling the RAW, UNCUT TRUTH about Jennifer Granholm, Debbie Stabenow and many others in the Democratic Party.

I am from Schoolcraft and Evergreen and this cat been down for the cause since the late 80s and for this brother to evolve to where he's at is peace.

I will follow his lead and vote DeVos in November.

Tracey said...

This blog is the hottest shit in Detroit. I'm like Reg...A.K. be telling like it is from an uncut perspective.

Shannon Curtis said...

I read but Akindele's One Detroit is funny, exciting and thought provoking.

While I disagree with him on abolishing the school system in Detroit I agree that we need DeVos for Governor and we need political balance in Detroit.

Akindele for State Rep in 08.

kweiku said...

If Akindele is all that then why did the Black Slate kick him out and why is he hated in the Black nationalist community?

This sellout is an opportunist.

Kweiku said...


He got put out because he is a Republican.

He has been stomping for Black people for 15 whole years and he is only in his early 30s.

He said in an interview on radio that Black nationalism is a thing of the past.

I agree with him.

Reggie Harris said...


He got put out because he is a Republican.

He has been stomping for Black people for 15 whole years and he is only in his early 30s.

He said in an interview on radio that Black nationalism is a thing of the past.

I agree with him.

LaGina Simpson said...

Mr.A is my teacher here on the east side. He always talks to us about politics and even though I am 16 years old he has me working on the DeVos campaign to gain expereince about politics and the history of the Republican party.

When I read the comments on here it hurts me because Mr.A works hard for Black people. He has helped every student in our school.

When I turn 18 I am voting for Mr. A for State Representative.

Kweiku said...

when "Mr.A" run for state representative the Balck Grassroots community will stop him in his tracks for turning his back on Black people.

That traitor needs to be stopped. He is dating a white woman in the Michigan Republicans. He was kicked out the Shrine of the Black Madonna. He left his wife for a white woman. This nigga is out to lunch and you are supporting him?

get real.

Reggie Harris said...

The man never dated a white woman nor he left his wife for a white woman.

Akindele for State Rep in 08.