Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Sinking of Michigan

LIE: The Governor says she has signed 84 tax cuts.

TRUTH: Governor Granholm has proposed or supported more than $2 billion in tax and fee increases.

LIE: The Governor says 55,000 jobs have been created in the non-automotive sector.

TRUTH: Under Governor Granholm, Michigan has lost 109,000 manufacturing jobs.

LIE: The Governor says she has created the Michigan First Health Care Program and it is in the final stages of approval.

TRUTH: There has been no waiver, no legislation, and 53,000 more people don’t have health care today than when the Governor took office.

LIE: The Governor says Electrolux sent their jobs to Mexico.

TRUTH: Actually, Michigan lost half of the jobs it had at Electrolux to South Carolina. We are losing jobs because of an uncompetitive tax structure and a lack of leadership on the part of the Governor.

LIE: The Governor says when she got in this chair, she inherited a $4 billion budget deficit from my predecessor and she has cut more out of state government than any other governor in history.

TRUTH: Apparently the Governor isn’t very good at math. When she took office, state spending was at $39 billion. Now it is at 42 billion. That is a $3 billion increase.

LIE: The Governor says she has tried to increase scholarships for all children.

TRUTH: Actually, Governor Granholm tried to cut the need-based Michigan Tuition Assistance Grant in each of her four years in office. She also slashed funding for our universities by $250 million.

LIE: The Governor says she wants to increase recycling.

TRUTH: She promised this four years ago, and still no results. In fact our recycling rate went down from 25% to 20%.

LIE: The Governor says her jobs plan is bringing 61 companies to Michigan.

TRUTH: Only 18 of these are commercialization projects. The rest of the grants are to universities and other organizations that do not create jobs.

LIE: Governor Granholm says she will put 1,600 police officers on the streets.

TRUTH: Michigan has 1,300 fewer police officers since the Governor took office.

LIE: The governor says, “I am the captain of this ship.”

TRUTH: Apparently the Governor wants to go down with the ship.


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