Friday, October 13, 2006

Stop Single Race Dating by Akindele Akinyemi

I have received several complaints from Black women on my recent article on African Americans should date outside their race.

I will stand by my opinion. I will not buck to pressure.

Just because sisters have a problem with Black men dating white women, Asian women and etc.. does not mean the end of the world. Just because brothers have a problem with a sister dating a white man does not mean you have to cut your life short.

The world is different today than it was years ago. Racism only exists when people make it exists. Racism would go right out the door when people stop using it as a crutch.

Interracial relationships are on the rise here in the United States because people are tired of being alone. We makes excuses for not being with that brother or sister when that brother or sister has worked hard to transform their lives. We would rather live in a hollow fantasy and be miserable.

We hide behind the Bible and quote scriptures, yet , we live alone in our misery. We claim that we are happy being single and that's fine but how long can you be "just alone?"

I do not think Black men date outside their race for prestige like the mainstream media wants us to believe. A majority of our brothers date outside their race because they love the woman that they are with. They feel serene with their loved one and connected.

Black women who hate this notion call brothers sellouts and claim that they do not understand the plight of the Black woman. This is total nonsense because most of these same brothers were raised in a family with a Black woman present and taught Christian values. Part of these values were not to look at a person's skin color when seeking the kingdom of God.

Other sisters are pissed off because they are in their late 20s, mid to late 30s or early 40s and cannot find a man and hide by saying God will send me a man soon when in fact there are skeletons in their own closet that they have to clean out before any man approaches them with some common sense.

Brothers sit and say they want to be in a relationship when in fact this is false. We cannot even come home at a decent hour. We enjoy living our lifestyle on the DL and bringing in diseases to our women. Then we go to church and praise God.

Such hypocrisy.

I think we should explore our options here by seeing what's on the other side of the rainbow. We are now living in a tolerant society where it is acceptable to date outside your race. When we view things by race and paranoia it causes us to live in a pandora box and therefore we reject the worldview of how beautiful men and women of other races are.

We are all God's children and it's time that we stop dating each other because it's the Black thing to do or we down with the "struggle." I mean brothers ask yourself who would you rather have? A Black woman with education or a White woman with education? A Black woman in the Spirit or a White woman in the Spirit? Does it matter?


Sisters, would you want a Black man in the Spirit or a White Man in the Spirit? Does it matter who you choose?


Therefore, we need to stop playing ourselves before it's too late. The only self hatred that we practice is self hatred towards each other.

We should date and marry each other because it's what God has prescribed for us to do.


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