Monday, October 16, 2006

Striking A Raw Nerve by Akindele Akinyemi

If Jennifer Granholm is re-elected (God please forbid the Devil from allowing Granholm keeping her seat as Governor) and the Michigan Democrats rejoice I am going to place the blame on Detroit.

We are the same group of Blacks that elcted BOTH Coleman Young II and Martha Reeves on name recognition because most of us function on a sixth grade level.

Our city is under siege by criminals, criminal activity and failing public schools. Anyone who continues to say things are getting better in Detroit is lying through their teeth. I have yet for someone to STEP forth and explain to me how Detroit is getting better.

Because there is no one that can explain to me how Detroit is getting better. You can't even find a restaurant to eat at with your family after 6:00pm in most areas of the city.

This city is getting worse and most importantly, we are loosing college educated people to other states. With Granholm being re-elected I will be forced to move out of state with a friendlier educational climate.

Here is a woman who is against everything Black people stands for and because this city is controlled by unions most people with less education vote for Democrats.

She is against the death penalty even though we need it for those sponsoring terrorism and are trying to kill innocent people.

The Detroit News reported this:

Granholm wants to move nonviolent offenders to tether programs and boot camps, continue to clamp down on online sexual predators and preserve Michigan's ban on the death penalty.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Do you know how many sexual predators live next door to us in Detroit? But Granholm wants to slap them on the wrist, not one time thinking about her own children could be in danger. What about

This woman had this to say to the Detroit News:

Voters such as Vera Brown are eager to hear their plans to make Michiganians feel more secure in their homes and on their streets. "Crime is getting worse in my neighborhood," said Brown, a retiree living on Detroit's west side. "There's a lot of shooting around here Â… and I've noticed there are fewer police officers."

How many times have I said that Detroit is a common war zone. I have been saying all along that our backyards sound like Fallujah and Baghdad. Brightmoor looks like Palestine and Schoolcraft and Evergreen looks like North Korea. Flint looks like a nuclear testing site and Pontiac looks like The Day After. In fact Detroit and Flint are two of the top four unsafe cities in America today. And whocontrolss these cities with their perverted liberal policies?

The Democratic Party.

More proof that we need salvation from Dick DeVos:

(a) Violent crime was up 12 percent in 2005 from 2004. There were 56,000 violent crimes reported last year, including 616 homicides, nearly 5,200 rapes, 13,300 robberies and 36,700 aggravated assaults.

(b) Detroit recorded 359 homicides last year, nearly one per day, but the lowest total since 1967. Sterling Heights reported a 20 percent increase in violent crime last year, with 282 such crimes, while Warren had a 5.3 percent increase in violent crime, with 862 in 2005.

(c) There are about 21,000 law enforcement personnel in Michigan, which is about 1,500 fewer officers than on the day of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Michigan is losing a police officer every 28 hours, due largely to local, state and federal budget cuts.

-Source: Detroit News

Black people will be the laughing stock of the country if we re-elect Granholm for Governor. We will be laughed at in every major city in America.

I cannot believe that Black people are STILL thinking about Granholm with the possibility of Detroit becoming a permanent underclass. If we live in fear that much NOT to vote for DeVos then I need to have an exit plan right away. I would rather invest with White people in the suburbs who are moving things ahead than invest with my own people who live in fear and faced with the possibility of being jacked for my goods.

If Black people are that stupid to vote for Jennifer Granholm again then we deserve crime, poverty, failing schools, confusion, broken marriages, broken relationships, home invasions and perversion in our communities.

Finally, people ask me this question all the time.

"What are you doing to help fix Detroit?"

I think this is the most absurd question to ask me. I am an educator and I am dealing with the root of the problem six days a week.


I don't need to ride on the Mayor's coattails or Granholm's fanny to get a job. I don't need ANYONE asking me what I am doing because educators in the inner city are dealing with a difficult task everyday they step into the schools they work at.

The questions I should be asking you is this:

Are you stupid enough to vote for Granholm again? And if your answer is yes then I need to leave right away and allow the majority here to continue to kill and rob each other blind.

We deserve to die if Blacks re-elect Granholm in the City of Detroit. Period. No questions asked.


Reggoe Harris said...

I totally agree with you.

West Side Playa said...

I'm with you because there is nothing for young people to do here. I'm like you A.K., show me the money. Where are the young political pundits in the city that are not attached to Kilpatrick's balls?

Damn, man you dropping it like it's hot!!!!

Keep going....I am voting for Dick DeVos since you bring such a raw awareness to the political spectrum. Negores should not be hating on you for bringing us the truth.

Anonymous said...

Neither candidate has a plan for job growh. This is because there are not many jobs being created, outside of healthcare, that pay above poverty. Why? Think India China and Viet Nam. Low wage producers. That is the name of the game.
The problem is the economy. It runs for and by the rich. They own the gold, and make the rules.

akindele akinyemi said...

have you ever even factored in education? perhaps we can create job growth if we took education a little more serious.