Sunday, October 15, 2006

Unions People Need To Get On Board With DeVos by Akindele Akinyemi

I just received a phone call from one of our members in One Detroit about how 8000 people showed up at a job fair at the Michigan State Fairgrounds this past week in one day.

Gov. Granholm claims that she has placed in motion the most aggressive economic plan in the history of the nation.

This is bullshit.

There is no economic plan. Just talk. And if 8000 people are showing up for a job then that is a crisis. In many cases a pandemic in the City of Detroit.

Say what you want about Dick DeVos. There is not one damn person in the City of Detroit or Michigan that can honestly tell me that jobs are coming or are here. Not one. The only people want Granholm back in office are union people who are more greedier than Judas.

These same union people promote their twisted fairy tale about how DeVos shipped jobs to China. While they're lying like a rug they can never answer why every Democratic union controlled city in Michigan looks like Fallujah. In these same Democratic union controlled cities crime is astronomical, failing public schools are a norm and the quality of life looks like something in Camden, New Jersey.

And the sad thing is we enjoy this corruption because we have lost focus of "it's takes a village to raise a child."

People are always asking me for the solution. Here is a very simple solution to my union brothers and sisters.

Vote Dick DeVos on November 7th. Period.

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