Friday, October 06, 2006

We Are Not Afraid.......

My phone has been on blast from my Democratic colleagues. "Did you see the latest poll? Granholm is whipping DeVos's ass."

It's 32 days out and people are talking out the sides of their necks based on a Democratic poll that was probably taken in or damn near the City of Detroit.

We have a tendency to forget so I will help you remember some information:

1. John Engler trailed Jim Blanchard in the polls by double digits right up to election day in 1990. Who won?

2. Debbie Stabenow trailed Spencer Abraham the whole election until election night. Who won?

3. Posthumus trailed Granholm in 2002 and lost by a mere 4%.

4. Keith Butler was tied in the polls with Bouchard and some polls even had him ahead of Bouchard in this year's U.S. Senate races. Bouchard won by 20%.

5. No one predicted that Coleman Young Jr would win the State House race in Detroit this year. He won by over 2000 votes.

6. The classic one was just last year when Kwame Kilpatrick trailed Freman Hendrix by double digits up until election night. Hendrix led the whole way including the primaries. In fact, WWJ-950 AM reported Kilpatrick's "defeat" at 11:00pm that night and Kilpatrick still pulled it out by 3AM.

So I am not taking polls seriously too much.

DeVos will win this by an inch. That's all. Nothing else.


Kathy Shaw said...

out-county devos is whupping granholm's ass. same with Bouchard.

I have been praying for a republican sweep in November. We need it.

Anonymous said...

Keep your day job!

Anonymous said...

I would never vote for you.

Kathy Shaw said...

I would never vote for you either stupid.