Thursday, October 26, 2006

What Has Jennifer Granholm Done For Detroit by Akindele Akinyemi

This is a plea to those who are reading this article. These are dire times and we are in very serious crisis.

The above picture says 63.9% of moves are MOVING OUT OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN. It's about 75% moving out of Detroit alone.

Listen, we are only days away from one of the most critical elections Michigan has ever faced. At stake is people re-electing Jennifer Granholm for Governor or electing Dick DeVos for Governor.

This is a serious crisis for us here in Detroit. A crisis so intense that it might cause African Americans to leave the state even more. That only depends on who will be elected in the next several days.

I know close to 30 Black families in Metro Detroit who are telling me they will cast their votes for DeVos. If Granholm wins they will ALL move out of state for survival. They cannot live here because there are no jobs. Some are leaving because of the poor quality of life.

That is a serious crisis.

Half of my colleagues are GONE already because of Granholm and her inept policies that has damaged the state. Some moved 60 miles SOUTH to Toledo, Ohio and are doing better than they were living in Monroe and both cities are 15 minutes apart!!!! Some are taking their chances in Shaker Heights, OH and Cincinnati.

I know educators out of my own network that have packed their things and left to move to North Carolina. The reason? Jobs and a quality of life. They did not trust Granholm.

Mind you these are African Americans.

Now we are faced with our biggest test. DeVos has not taken African Americans for granted like Granholm has. DeVos revealed his Urban Turn Around Plan. Granholm has not.

Granholm says DeVos has no plan for health care. DeVos has a plan in his Michigan Turn Around Plan on Healthcare. Again, if Granholm is so concerned about healthcare why is she blaming Bush for no healthcare?

DeVos has billboards everywhere in Detroit. Granholm just revealed her billboards today.

We cannot KEEP making the same damn mistakes over and over again. Brothers and sisters we have the ability to create change and it's not going to happen with Granholm. Can you even imagine four more years of Granholm when she has not produced the first four years? If we keep electing Granholm because she is a Democrat then you cannot call ANY Black Republican a slave because at least we did not do the following:

1. Vote for the status quo.
2. Follow the leader.
3. We can think for ourselves.

A slave:

1. Follows the leader or crowd.
2. Vote for the status quo.
3. Cannot think for him/herself and will vote a straight Democratic ticket.
4. Does what he/she is told.

And if Granholm has produced her first four years I'm urging you right NOW to please step forward and share with us what has she done for Detroit. You cannot do this because there is no plan in place.

Granholm brags about her urban plan (whatever that is) yet the following cities:

Ypsilanti Township
Benton Harbor
Highland Park
River Rouge

Have high crime. In fact, Detroit and Flint are ranked 2nd and 4th respectively in terms of the most violent crimes in the United States. BOTH of these cities are in Michigan and are 60 miles apart.

Racial violence has increased on Granholm's watch. Remember Benton Harbor burned for three whole days in 2003 and made international news for a racial incident that the Granholm tried to sugar-coat. Taylor, Warren, Sterling Heights, Detroit and Dearborn (all Democratic cities) have had an increase of racial incidents under Granholm's watch.

ALL these cities have failing schools, high unemployment and high poverty rates. We cannot live in these cities and go to Burger King or pump gas without getting knocked over the head or shot to death. All of this have increased under Granholm's watch.

Yet, Black people are preparing to make the same mistake in re-electing Granholm because"they can trust her."

Again, I ask the question, what has Granholm done for Detroit or ANY urban city in Michigan?

Granholm is not liked in the Black community, yet, we will vote for her because she looks good or have a pretty smile. I have yet to FIND ANY SANE BLACK person in this city who likes Granholm because she has presented good sound educational or economic policies. Not one has stepped forward and one will NOT step forward.

I also have yet to find ANY SANE BLACK PERSON who is willing to stay here and help re-build Detroit under a Governor that has lost 109,000 jobs in the past four years she has been elected. This woman has lied her way to leading in the polls on TV and has sold Black people up the river. She is not respected in her OWN party and yet we are prepared to make the same mistake by re-electing her.

Even people who are working on her campaign have admitted that they are working for "just the experience" and NOT because of Granholm. Some Young Dems have admitted to me that they will cast their ballot for DeVos because Granholm's policies have forced some of their close family members to move from Michigan to survive. Some had to move as far as California.

This is a crisis in Detroit and I ask the question again: What has Granholm done for Detroit or ANY urban community in Michigan?

This governor said in an interview with the Detroit News that she would raise the cap on charter schools IF they had more accountability.

Charter schools ALREADY have MORE accountability than traditional public schools and this is a MEA argument that she has sided with. If the Governor brought her ass to a MAPSA or BAEO meeting once in a while she would get a better understanding of how charter schools work.

Meanwhile, why did it take forever her to put up billboards in Detroit? Because she does not have to worry about Blacks who suffer here. The Governor is using you as a pawn for votes and she knows this. She will never give Detroit any attention the same way she would give Northville.

In fact, I have even noticed when the Governor is talking to Black people she changes her strategy and try to relate to us. DeVos has NEVER done this. Don't believe me check it out yourself. Granholm will talk about her experiences in living in North Rosedale Park in Detroit and how she have Black friends, etc. However, if she is around her White friends she talks about her experiences in Northville and how her children went to Plymouth schools. Did the Governor forget that White people STILL live in Detroit as well as Northville?

I have seen her do this first hand. I don't have to make this up.

Granholm does not care about our people living here in the city of Detroit.

It is a known fact that we will have a mass exodus from our urban centers in Michigan if Granholm is re-elected. There are so many people waiting to see who will be elected. If Granholm is re-elected there will be chaos in the streets and mass disorder. Urban street battles will occur rapidly and door to door combat in our urban communities will escalate due to 1500 police officers off the street.

EMS will be cut and tuition at our colleges and universities will continue to rise. Small businesses in Detroit will continue to leave and crime will continue to go uphill. The War on Life will expand into the suburbs and with Billionaire Jon Stryker from Kalamazoo backing Granholm with his homosexual agenda (that Granholm has embraced behind closed doors and ready to sign into law when the times comes) tha will continue our trend of the breakdown of Black families in Detroit.

There will be floods of Black people moving out of Detroit and moving out of state to find better opportunities. The re-population of Detroit will not happen and at the end of Granholm's term we would have lost 1.8 million jobs. Detroit will continue to shrink and if anything Blacks will move to Grand Rapids in mass numbers to settle down.

Again, what has Granholm done for Detroit or any urban community in Detroit?

Granholm will not raise the cap on charter schools and is stressing to parents to use educational choice FROM a failing school system. She is openly advocating this. I am not lying.

Granholm said at her kickoff celebration in Detroit that the Democrats have been on the forefront of Civil Rights in America. This is a out right lie and she knows that.

Granholm cut revenue sharing from Detroiters. Yet, Black women want to organize a "Women for Granholm" to get her re-elected. These are the same women that are living paycheck to paycheck, no jobs and use race as an excuse for not increasing their way of life.

Granholm brags about how funding for education is at their highest levels. If that's the case where is the money to go into the classrooms? While DeVos is openly denouncing proposal 5 Granholm is dancing around her position on proposal 5.

People are hauling ass right out of Michigan because of Granholm. She blames Bush for the exodus of jobs but we can go to Illinois and jobs are booming. They're booming in Indiana and even Georgia. This is a excuse to hide the fact that she cannot run the state brothers and sisters.

It's time that you take a strong good look at DeVos. Our survival is at stake.

Black people are tired of the Democrats taking advantage of their city and community. So here is the magic question.

If you are really tired then why are you planning to vote for someone who YOU know is taking advantage of you?

If you dislike Granholm then why are you planning to vote for her?

If you are dissatisfied with Granholm and are willing to pack your bags and move out of state then why are you voting for her?

58% of the state dislikes Granholm yet we are voting for her? WHY?

Black people are voting for Granholm when this woman has done NOTHING for us. WHY are you voting for her?

As ususal, I will not get a clear, cut answer from the African American community, Blacks in the Granholm camp or the Blacks in the Democratic Party other than something based on race, fear, intimidation, paranoia, lies and total deception.

I guarantee it.

A vote for Granholm means we love chaos and disorder here in Detroit. You young people who want to stay and help rebuild Detroit will not have ANYONE to help you re-build it if Granholm is re-elected.

I guarantee it.

The question: What has Granholm done for Detroit or ANY urban community in Michigan?


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