Monday, October 30, 2006

Women Of Granholm Are Lying To Our Young Sisters by Akindele Akinyemi

I was reading the Michigan Chronicle this morning when I saw an interesting ad in the paper. The ad was talking about how "Sista to Sista" are coming together to protect and vote for both Gov. Granholm and Sen. Stabenow.

What caught my interest was the fact that many of the names were mostly older people who come from the era of the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s and the Coleman A. Young Sr. era of the 70s and 80s.

I also noticed some young people on that list as well. Many of the young sisters on the list have been involved in the Democratic Party since the day I met them. Some are elected officials or have ran for office in the past.

These young women are being manipulated by these older women. These older sisters are using our young women to make it seem like they actually support Gov. Granholm for re-election. What our young sisters do not know is that these same "Women for Granholm" group are the same ones that gave Granholm "A Black Agenda" a couple of months ago.

I am asking our young Black women this question. Why are you working on behalf of a governor who has NOT done anything for Detroit?

Why would you support Gov. Granholm in this race? I think the main reason why you support her is because she is a woman.

Have you taken a look around of who is actually supporting Granholm in this race?

College professors (big money supporters of the Gov.)They aren't getting lay-off notices? And their pay raises and pensions are solid as a rock.

Teacher Unions. (Big union donations to Jennifer) They got their big pensions and big raises too??

Lawyers...Big, Big, Money donations here too for Gov... Heard of any layed-off lawyers lately?

State Employees...More big union donations here... Big lay-offs, nope not here either. Their pay is going up, up, and away. Don't worry, we'll pay for it.

Again, if you look at the names of those sisters on that master list in that ad they are pro-unions. People are paying union dues through wages. In turn, the unions are giving the money to Granholm's election campaign. If you are NOT voting for her, but belong to SEIU, why should you be forced to donate to her campaign?

How come the so-called "Women of Granholm"are not also looking at Granholm's plan for Detroit:

1.Build No Houses...And make sure the Property appears worthless. Then sell it to Rich Suburban Developers

2.Call it "Compassionate Leadership" and Move residents out of Downtown areas. Yes, tens of thousands have moved out of Detroit since Jennifer has arrived.

3.Call it a "Cool City Initiative" and build Lofts and Big Homes for the Rich. Who lives in Downtown, Midtown and the New Center Area?

4.Raise Taxes to force the rest of the Poor residents to move out.

5.Call this "New City", "The City On The River", and show the world how great the Democrats are.

This are THE FACTS. If the Women of Granholm cannot see Detroit's residents are being forced out and robbed of their rights, then God help us all.

This Women of Granholm group is split right down the middle anyway. It is a well known fact that 50% of the 231,000 will vote for Dick DeVos. The older women in this group have manipulated and lied to the younger sisters in this group.

This is what they do not want you to know:

Democrats buy more Toyotas than Republicans.

Governor Granholm has spent more time Wining and Dining Toyota than time spent saving U.A.W. Jobs.

A Top Democratic Leader, Al Gore, called the Detroit Automobile Engine: The Greatest Enemy of Mankind.

Democrats have passed laws forbidding S.U.V.'s on some California roads (Yes, the ones we make in Michigan!).

Democrats in Washington do not want E85 fuel to be produced; they prefer we take the bus to work?

When Caught on Vacation driving in a fleet of Chevrolet S.U.V.'s ... John Kerry denied they were his!!! He didn't want to be caught in a Chevy!

Nearly 50% of U.A.W. Workers will vote for Dick DeVos. These workers know we are in a One-State Recession

This really burns Granholm's rear! She considers the UAW traitors and will no longer support them! Granholm has spent 3 years ignoring the plight of the Big 3. She complains about fair trade, but never mentioned it while in Japan courting Toyota??

Look closely, Granholm has not made one honest move to help the Big 3.

So how come these old women are hiding the facts from our young sisters in the Democratic Party about Gov. Granholm and her incompetence?

Our young Black females need a reality check. I urge them to read the follwing:

Presently, in Detroit and Highland Park, three Forman Mills (off-price, discount clothes) stores recently opened. Each store had over 750 applicants for 175 jobs, paying $6/hr.

A couple of months ago, the Detroit Department of Transportation (D-DOT) was passing out applications for 175 bus driver positions, paying $10/hr. 1000 people showed up.

In my own job search (along with stories that I have heard from other people as well as media reports), entry-level, administrative assistant, minimum of a 4-yr degree positions are literally attracting 100 applicants for one or two openings.

Meanwhile...Granholm's "up to 1000 Google jobs over the next 5 years" (primarily for U of M and MSU grads with IT and/or sales backgrounds, per an inside source) currently has 7 full-time and 2 temporary positions in Ann Arbor.

And meanwhile...during the press conference a few weeks ago, the media reported Granholm's "up to 450 Eprize jobs" were for attorneys, graphic/art designers, and IT personnel.

And finally...Granholm's 1000 Toyota jobs are for automotive engineering positions.Since Gov. Granholm is using Google, Eprize, and Toyota to appeal to the vast majority of citizens...

How about actually addressing employment options, in meaningful numbers, for that same vast majority of citizens.

What about regular people with college degrees in fields other than automotive engineering, IT, graphic art/design, and law, and who didn't attend U of M or MSU?

And what about regular people with high school diplomas and solid work experience?

If anyone needs any further evidence of the lack of jobs in Michigan, take a look at the Sunday Employment Classifieds in the Detroit Free Press. 5 or 6 pages tops (with most of the openings for nurses, engineers, and truck drivers).

Now take a look at papers in other areas such as Phoenix and Las Vegas. 15-20 pages in a wide range of fields.

For further evidence, take a look at the number of school districts and police departments, among other companies, that are here literally every week recruiting our citizens away.

It really frustrates me hearing Granholm's rhetoric blaming Bush, and everything else under the sun except her own lack of leadership.

Meanwhile when I talk to childhood (former Michigan resident) friends, I hear of solid job markets in their (new) hometown's (such as NYC, Chicago, Boston, Phoenix, Portland, Seattle, etc).

After four years of searching for employment here, I began looking for employment in Boston. In a little over 2 weeks, I have literally found (and applied to) more job openings out there than I have found in any given two (good) months here.

Again, how come you cannot see that Granholm is selling you up the river? What do you see in this woman when it's hard FOR YOU to feed your own children, pay the bills and live paycheck to paycheck?

Lastly, when I see Gov.Granholm among her Black voters. She speaks differently to African-Americans than she does to White people? You can see her speeches, they really are different.
Dick DeVos doesn't do this, why? I assume he is going to change his tone in Detroit, but he doesn't, why? I think to myself, why doesn't Dick give a different message to Detroit, Granholm does?

Granholm looks at Detroit and sees African-American votes. Especially Black women votes.
Dick DeVos looks at Detroit and sees poverty and a need for jobs. Sisters, you have a clear choice.

We can vote for Granholm and remain different or we can vote for Dick DeVos and have real change. Not only are we last in jobs, we are last in love.

If I wrote this editorial in error please tell me but I cannot fully understand why ANY Black woman would vote for Granholm again.

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