Saturday, November 04, 2006

An Abnormal Election Season By Felicia Benamon

Felicia Benamon
It's the buzz in the air these days. Democrats are likely to take the House and Senate from Republicans. The media and pundits are quick to ponder what a Democratic Congress would look like.
Not so fast! The voters still haven't said their peace yet at the polls. Republicans shouldn't think they have the election sewn up and Democrats shouldn't get all giddy.
Wouldn't it be great if there was a shocker at the polls? Where the majority of the American people voted for Independents, or for someone representing other third parties, like the Constitution and Libertarian party? Those candidates are desperately needed right now. They are needed to take the power out of the hands of 2 parties who think they have a hold on the American electorate.
Republicans and Democrats have left many disillusioned as they continue to fight over power, thus contributing to the instability of the nation through their lust for control of Congress. If Republicans want to keep control over Congress, they sure aren't supporting conservative values that many voters expect them to be strong on. They are losing their conservative base.
One race I've had my eye on is the Ohio Senate race. Conservative voters are annoyed of Senator Mike DeWine's (R-OH) liberal stance on important conservative issues, and the fact that the Midwest's economy is taking a nosedive.
Ohio is a battleground state that would help Republicans keep control of the Senate. Shouldn't it be of the utmost importance that embattled Senator DeWine would choose to readjust his political sails and commit to a truly conservative platform? He has not delivered, and his conservative constituents are abandoning him. But that can also be said of other RINO Congressmen across the nation. Conservatives want leaders who will represent them, not turn with the political winds. That seems to be the craze nowadays with some Republican Senators.
The remedy to the situation to get conservative voter confidence back is to turn back to conservative principles. Why some Republican Senators continue to play political games, wandering all over the map on the issues and allowing corruption to seep in is beyond me.
The Insanity Continues...
As I watch the Senate race in Tennessee unfold, the craziness and finger pointing continue. Democrats and the NAACP are bringing up a race issue where there is none. An ad that ran courtesy of the Republican National Committee airs a blonde baring her shoulders saying, "I met Harold at the Playboy party!" She later winks and says, "Harold, call me!" What's the problem? The lady is white of course. And some are crying "racism" that the RNC would put a blonde white lady baring her shoulders in an ad asking Harold Ford Jr. to call her.
I could care less if she were black or white, it wouldn't have made a difference. Why must everything be about race these days? Have we not learned that we are ALL the same inside? That's one big problem...some in this country are still looking at matters in terms of race! I really am tired of hearing the black/white race issue come up!
Now, to address this ad a bit further:
Harold Ford Jr. has admitted to attending a Super Bowl Playboy party last year.
Ford's words, "I was there. I like football, and I like girls."
Ford's response to the RNC ad? He simply calls it "smut." Well, Mr. Ford. Either you went to this Playboy party, or you didn't. I believe Harold Ford Jr. should not get upset at what the Republican party is trying to reveal as his side activities when he is trying to come off as a very staunch conservative Christian.
Harold Ford Jr. also complains that the Bob Corker (his Republican opponent) campaign is attacking his family. That was Ford's response from an ad that was filmed in Memphis in which Republican volunteers (me included...see "Memphismanonthestreet" ad below) question his background. One volunteer says, "Our mayor says the Ford family is trying to tie up every political slot in TN." Memphis Mayor Herenton has come out in support of Rep. Steve Cohen (D) who is running to represent the 9th District of Tennessee in the U.S. House of Representatives, the seat held by Rep. Harold Ford Jr. until now. Harold Ford Jr.'s younger brother is currently running for the seat against Steve Cohen.
"I've resented for decades the politics of the Ford family. The family seems to think that they should have a monopoly on all elected positions in this state and this county. I've always rejected that," said Herenton.
In the commercial, I merely ask if Harold Ford Jr. has had a job outside of politics. I mentioned in a recent article of how I'm sick of career politicians and those with name recognition who have gotten comfortable in Washington and are not listening to their constituents. Why should the American people have to put up with more of the same...the incessant politicking in Washington?
The commercial ad I did featured real people like me, not actors as some may have speculated. We weren't paid to do it. We want "real" folks like us, real conservatives representing us in Washington.
While I may have problems with how Republicans are behaving at the Federal level, I am still supporting grassroots conservatives who wish to sincerely help bring dialogue and get the ball rolling in Washington.
Because there are no Independents or few persons running on a third party ticket that have actually stepped into the spotlight, and are barely heard of, I put my energy behind the Bob Corker campaign in Tennessee.
Yes, it has been an abnormal election season. And it's necessary to cut through the illusion, the false accusations, and the nastiness to get to the truth. Sometimes pointing out the truth hurts, but it's necessary if we are to heal our nation.
Why should those running for leadership positions bring excess baggage with them to Washington and continue to bring our country down?
It would sure be nice to have a frontrunner from any party other than the dominant 2 parties right now. The Democrats and Republicans need a slice of humble pie.

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