Wednesday, November 01, 2006

African People Take A Stand by Tomeka Hall

First, I would like to begin by saying that I am a Democrat and I will be casting my vote for Dick DeVos next Tuesday. As a former participant of the Michigan Democratic Party I have become very disgusted with the racial politics that has taken place in our urban communities. Jennifer Granholm is buying endorsements left and right. She has even bought the Michigan Chronicle and Council of Baptist Pastors endorsements.

Second, I am a African American female living in West Bloomfield but originally from Detroit.

Third, I have been reading this blog since March of this year and Akindele Akinyemi is one of the most prolific thinkers in our community. As a brother of conviction as well as serving Black people in the community Mr. Akinyemi has taken apart the entire Granholm team and the Michigan Democrats with his research, analysis and straight to the point talk on issues that Granholm refuses to deal with.

When I saw him on television with his now famous " I am a Black Republican" T-shirt I said to my husband that this man is unbought and unbossed. He is a free man.

More importantly, I am writing this because African Americans need to stop having the Democratic Party take us for granted. I mean, I was blew back when Mr. Akinyemi exposed how the Michigan Chairperson, Mark Brewer, defended the Ku Klux Klan in the past as a ACLU lawyer.

The Democratic Party has continued to take us for granted. Our urban cities look like something in a war. Detroit has the 2nd highest rate of crime in America with Flint ranking #3.

But what I am mostly disgusted about from Jennifer Granholm is the amount of time she has been taking to bash Dick DeVos on China when we are in a global market. As a employee of a major auto supplier in Auburn Hills we are not just becoming more globalized but even in education there is a need of learning new and challenging languages like Chinese and Arabic.

After Mr. A asked me to read the Urban Turn Around plan by Dick DeVos I was really impressed. I would love to move back to Detroit and he lays out a plan for Detroit and other urban cities in Michigan. While Jennifer Granholm has lied to African Americans time and time again DeVos has stressed the importance of educational choice in our community as well as helping Michigan students compete in a global job market.

It's time that we used Mr. A's leadership on this very important issue of who we should choose on November 7th. We should get behind Dick DeVos for Governor.

Black people it's time to take a stand.

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